July 3rd 2023

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the more Democrats have control over classrooms, the more our children’s test scores keep falling.

Mark Levin said on Monday’s Mark Levin show that the more Democrats control classrooms, our children’s test results continue to fall. Much of what is taught in classrooms is Democrat propaganda. The government has destroyed the education system, and a whole generation of children. Biden’s kids went to private school, but he is against school choice. Today, the Democrat Party is our greatest enemy in America. Biden and Democrats are more fond of illegal immigrants than of American citizens. Biden and Democrats love the Paris Climate Accords more than they do our Constitution. The Democrat Party is spending money that they do not have and expanding the government massively. The economic socialists are devouring capitalism and the academic and free speech freedoms in America is diminishing. This latest leak by the prosecutor of an audio clip is also intended to poison a Donald Trump juror pool and deny him due process. The corrupt Biden DOJ and Jack Smith’s Office, as well as the usual corrupt media lapdogs, have identified, described, and even publicly released any classified information that is known to public. They have committed felony offenses, interfered with a presidential campaign, and pushed the country to the brink civil war while defaming and denouncing Trump. Trump hasn’t revealed anything to the public. Whistleblowers testified on obstruction, political interference and multiple crimes. The corrupt media has ignored them, the power-hungry Democrat Party has personally attacked them, and the Biden administration has punished them. The left-wing media then praises John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh for their illogical votes with the Supreme Court leftists to issue a ruling involving North Carolina, state legislatures and a matter that is moot. This is despite the fact that the matter was moot, and even more so, it reads out the plain language in the Constitution. This tactic is used by the left because they know it works. The weakest of the Court’s Republican Members are the most susceptible to praise. It is interesting to note that the three leftist Democrats who sit on the Court are never able to break their resolve when it comes major decisions affecting the Democrats. This holds true regardless of the Constitution and framers’ intentions.

Photo taken by John Paraskevas/NewsdayRM

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