June 27th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, this latest prosecutorial leak of an audio clip to CNN is further intended to poison a Donald Trump jury pool and deny the former president due process.

This latest leak by the FBI of a CNN audio clip, which was discussed on Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, is intended to further taint a Donald Trump juror pool and deny him due process. The corrupt Biden DOJ and Jack Smith’s Office, as well as the usual corrupt media lapdogs, have identified, described, and even publicly released any classified information that is known to public. They have committed a number of felonies and interfered with a presidential campaign, while also smearing Trump and his supporters. Trump hasn’t revealed anything to the public. Whistleblowers testified on obstruction, political interference and multiple crimes. The corrupt media has ignored them, the power-hungry Democrat Party has personally attacked them, and the Biden administration has punished them. The left-wing media also praises John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh for their illogical votes with the Supreme Court leftists to issue a ruling involving North Carolina, state legislatures and a matter that is moot. This is despite the fact that the matter was moot, and even more so, it reads out the plain language in the Constitution. This tactic is used by the left because they know it works. The weakest of the Court’s Republican Members are the most susceptible to praise. Observe how the leftist Democrats never waver when it comes major decisions that are important for the Democrats. This is regardless of the Constitution and framers’ intentions. What do Obama, Bush and Biden share in common afterward? All of them are descendants of slave owners. Donald Trump is the sole living U.S. President whose ancestors did not own slaves. Trent Staggs joined us later in the show, as he is running against Senator Mitt Romney for his Utah seat.

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Donald Trump’s ancestors did not own slaves.

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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin. Here are our number 87738138118773813811. Did you listen? Did you listen? Did you hear it? You know, it’s all over media. The media is all about the trial. The legal analysts, the hosts, and others. They want to understand how Trump gets out of it. How is Trump going to get out of it? Where are the 17 tapes that implicate the Bidens and the $10 million bribe paid to the Chinese communists by Joe Biden, whose president was at the time? He is the one in power today. He is the one who is destroying this country. Do they matter to anyone? Where are they located? Why does CNN not get a copy? Notice that the media didn’t give a damn if it came to civil liberties and due process. Juries poisoned. Misconduct on the part of the Department of Justice and the federal prosecutor. They don’t care. Bill of Rights: Individual rights Civil liberties are for everyone. This morning, I woke up very early to post the following. They screamed about how Trump could have classified information. It is a fact that corrupt Biden, DOJ’s sleazy Jack Smith, and the usual corrupt media lapdogs publicly identified, described, and even released any classified information known to the general public. All we know about this comes from leaks, America. Not from Trump. The leaks of the government and the filings made by the government. Here we have yet another leak. This is the case. They’ve been convicted of a number of felonies. They interfered in a presidential vote. It pushed the country to the edge of a civil war by slandering and denouncing Trump, his supporters and the media. Trump hasn’t revealed anything to the public. They did. Biden, after 50 years in Washington owns the federal government bureaucracy. The corrupt Biden family, and the Biden regime, used federal law enforcement to target their political enemies, including the so-called MAGA extremes, prolifers, parents and all white supremacist China. The same investigators and prosecutor’s pull no punches. They lie, censor cover up, dismiss or play down the evidence that is publicly available. Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and James Comey, RS Whistleblowers. Millions of dollars were paid out in foreign payoffs and bribes. Influence peddling, money-laundering, and other dirty financial schemes by Biden, including selling our country to Communist China and a manchurian president. Whistle blowers testified that there was obstruction, political interference and multiple crimes. The corrupt media ignored them, the power-hungry Democrat Party attacked them personally and they were punished. Biden’s regime. Like most mob lawyers and corrupt Attorney General Garland, he has been caught lying to Congress about not interfering in the Hunter Biden case. IRS whistleblowers claim that the prosecutor said that David Weiss was involved. Although why states that they are trying to change course. They have a lot of witnesses and contemporaneous records to support them. Garland has approved all sleazy investigation and prosecution tactics against Trump and MAGA Republicans, while trying to portray a public image as the earnest Judge. He is a man of danger with Stalinist traits. Garland has stonewalled and appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden because he wanted to smother him with a political cushion. Biden’s criminal activities, which even affect our national security. He is the one in charge of the Biden cover-up and the Trump imprisoning effort. Garland’s appointment unleashed Jack Smith who was known for his Gestapo-like tactics in pursuit of Biden’s political enemies, including so-called MAGA Republicans, and his greatest threat, Donald Trump. Smith was publicly admonished by an 8-0 Supreme Court decision for his abuse in a fake public corruption case against a former Republican Governor. Garland found that to be a convincing credential and chose this lawyer out of all those he could choose. He knew. He will do all the work for the mob. Garland, BYLINE Biden The hopelessly corrupt media and the Democrat Party are destroying the country before our very eyes. This latest leak to CNN of an audio clip is intended to further poison a jury and deny due process to the former president, as he has been denied attorney-client privilege and the normal administrative processes accorded to former presidents upon leaving office. Let’s be clear. The context of the audio is unknown to us. Nothing. CNN, the favorite state-run media outlet, feeds us exactly 2 minutes. We are told to know nothing more or less than what they want us to. The multiple felonies that this regime committed in leaking the audio tape will be ignored. The crimes committed to pursue Trump are not felonies anymore. The justice system has died. The federal government is owned by the Democrat Party. This is what I wrote. You haven’t heard any broadcast networks. Bring up these concerns. No one. Not a single host. Not a single analyst. The government commits crime after crime after crime, leak after leaked after leak. When it’s not important, they violate the Espionage Act. To no consequence. See this article. About Netanyahu. It’s funny. It’s funny. The Marxist Left is the same in America, Israel or anywhere else. Caroline Glick. On jeans. Excuse me. Jeans. On Thursday with sunken-faces. Channel 13’s legal correspondents reported that last week, judges presided over the trial of Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery, breach of trust, and bribery of public officials told the defense and prosecutors that they had not proved their charges of bribery. They also said that it was unlikely that they would succeed since their main witnesses were already present. It is a huge blow to the media for the last seven years that the state has been prosecuting people. You get my drift? In their efforts to criminalize Netanyahu, the state prosecution has pushed Israel close to civil war. The same Marxist tactics are used. They never hid their goal. They want to remove Netanyahu from the public eye and disenfranchise voters by demonizing and disqualifying their elected leader. Later today, when I read it, I asked myself, “Isn’t this as close as I can get to what I wrote?” I’m not faking it. Look at the overlap. She began leaking criminal information to journalists from major newspapers, radio stations and television channels in 2016. State prosecutors and police investigators, as well as journalists and editors, created and shaped the narrative of criminality around Netanyahu, and sold it daily to the public. They claimed that Netanyahu undermined Israel’s national security, economy and moral fiber in order to satisfy his decadent taste, enriched his cronies and continued his obsessional compulsive search for positive media coverage by the same media who ate him. Let’s commit ourselves to the downfall of Netanyahu. The media supported the prosecution’s use of every tool against him. Shame on America’s media. Again participating. You are being fed audio information by the government in these diabolical practices that resemble a storm. They are trying to remove Trump. The same thing is happening in Israel. Reporters and editors, who are proud to proclaim themselves as champions of civil liberties and the rule-of-law, look the other direction. The repeated crimes of prosecutors and investigators are justified in an attempt to bring down Netanyahu. She continues in an amazing piece. It’s so good that I just can’t stop there. It’s important. It’s too important. Instead of reporting them critically or even impartially, the media ignored or justified them, and attacked the few writers or reporters who were willing to expose these crimes as unprofessional and corrupt. In order to force Netanyahu’s closest allies to incriminate themselves. David Sharon and Ari Harow, two of Netanyahu’s chiefs-of-staff, were extorted by the prosecution and police, and tortured, humiliated, and abused. Shlomo Silver, former director general of Ministry of Communication and Netanyahu’s ex-spokesman, were both tortured, humiliated, and extorted by the prosecution. Police investigators closely guarded and protecting by prosecutors, tortured and extorted people who were near events. They were denied food and medical care and locked up. His ex-wife and Harrow were both divorced by the police. Sharon’s mother was taken into an investigation room in front of him by the police to break him. They were denied sleep, kept in a cell with fleas and denied basic medical care. These men had committed no crime but they were still subjected to a prolonged imprisonment. All witnesses were humiliated in public for a long time. Harow was arrested at the airport after a dramatic arrest. The police had launched a criminal investigation against him and staged an outrageous trial. Married Peter Navarro. Mr. and Mrs. America. Remember this? Remember that? He launched another open-ended scurrilous probe against FELBER daughter heroin. Sharon’s accounts at her bank were frozen. Their wives were unable to buy groceries at the supermarket. All this to bring down Netanyahu. In America, they will do anything to bring down Trump. The media is also involved. During the campaign of state prosecutions, multiple other prosecution witnesses received similar treatment. The criminal investigation is used to terrorize and intimidate Netanyahu, and force him into stepping aside. Sounds familiar to you, America? Demonize and criminalize the prime minister in office and his associates. The police and prosecutors used cyber warfare tools designed to combat Israel’s enemies in a criminal way. Netanyahu’s closest advisers, and it appears his wife and children were also subjected. Illegal surveillance of their electronic communication. Wow. We can at least do a search warrant. Send a SWAT to the home of the former president. The police’s alleged illegal use of spyware against Ari Harow was the source of one of the breaches of trust allegations against Netanyahu. Most of these details about prosecutorial misconduct, and the apparent criminality of investigators and prosecutors were known as they happened. This was supported by the vast majority of journalists, senators, and other media, just as they supported yesterday’s leakage of that audio that Mediaite is slobbering over. It doesn’t seem like this is a totalitarian act. They’re fine with it. One day, the pendulum will swing. Mark my words. When I return, I will continue.

Segment 2

Stay with me, people. This is another important show in which I try to bring all of these things together. The Constitution of the United States Marxist Left The Democrats and their media. When they can use the Constitution to aid them in pursuing their enemies, they love to flaunt it. They also condemned the Constitution as a document written by white slave-owners and other things. These are their mental problems and their pathologies. It’s not common sense logic that matters. Moore vs Harper was the subject of a ruling or opinion today. This is one of the worst opinions I have ever read. A majority of 6 to 3. Three Republicans and three radical Democrats. John Roberts is the Chief Justice who wrote this opinion. He has now made it clear that he’s a phony and worthless fraud. He has given up all of his principles. Kavanaugh is proving that he’s not conservative as I warned him. Barrett is clearly under Roberts’ spell, and has become a total disaster. When I return, more.

Segment 3

I’ll share a few tidbits from my book. The Democrat Party is against the Constitution, because it is irrelevant. Before we go into the specifics. North Carolina made a truly stupid decision. I want to lay a foundation. These three justices. On MSNBC Roberts, Kavanagh, and Barnett receive slobbering praise, and so on. This is what the radical-left media knows to do. John Roberts is envious. Positive. Slobbering. Media attention. I think Barrett has been under his wing. He’s also mentoring her. She desperately wants the same attention as Kevin, after what they’ve done to him. Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch are the three mainstays. That’s it. It’s all. You know that the Democrat Party is as anti-American as the Constitution. They hate you. They hate the founding. They hate the founders. War on the Constitution is a chapter on the Constitution. Chapter seven. This book has over 350 pages. Don’t be scared. It’s. This book excites me. Pre-orders of American Marxism are far behind those on Amazon, and that is something I find worrying. I wonder why. This is an important message. This book was written for you. This chapter is my first. The U.S. Constitution has been called the greatest governing document in history. The U.S. Constitution is the most remarkable governing document ever written. It protects state and individual rights at the same. The Constitution is also designed to protect people from two types of tyranny, namely mob ocracy or dictatorship. The Constitution is an extremely diverse document. It takes into account the diversity of America, including its densely populated areas, rural communities, fishing towns, mining towns, people with deep religious beliefs, people who are illiterate and those with high education, as well as the rich and the poor. Is it a self-correcting document that allows for amendments in order to correct imperfections and unforeseeable events? Should the majority of the population and body politic demand these amendments? It is truly amazing that the Constitution was drafted in less than five months, despite thousands of years’ worth of human progress and experience. If you want to fundamentally change America, your goal must be to destroy the Republicanism of the Constitution. The Constitution has to be thrown out, either in its entirety or in pieces. That’s exactly what the Democrat Party, and its masterminds, have in mind. Biden and his team are constantly looking for ways around the Constitution to centralize their power. In the past, both the Democrat Party as well as its academics insisted that Constitutions embody their ideology and compel them to achieve the desired outcomes. They were proud of the abuse of judicial reviews by the judiciary and their promotion of activism. They no longer hide their hatred for the Constitution. Ruth Coker Coker is a radical leftist professor at Moritz College of Law. This modern attack on the Constitution is best illustrated by The Ohio State University. In the first paragraph of her essay, The White Supremacist Constitution, she argues that the key to this attack is linking the Constitution with slavery. Quote: The United States Constitution has been a document which, in every era, helped to further white supremacy. White supremacy is a system of political, economic and cultural power that whites dominate. White superiority, entitlement and white dominance are ingrained in many institutions and social settings. This is happening in law schools all over America. This lady is as white as they come. We should not see the Constitution as an instrument for structural progress, but as a barrier. The Constitution has always endorsed slavery and degrading black people, by treating them as property instead of equals in the community. The Civil War Amendments did not abolish slavery, but only limited state actions. The radical reconstruction of the 1960s was short-lived as white supremacy quickly erased any political gains made by black voters. Supreme Court interpreted Civil War Amendments in a way that was consistent with its white supremacist roots. This did not serve as a tool to eradicate badges, incidents, and vestiges from slavery. The Constitution is being used to ban affirmative action, voluntary race and federal, state, and local government levels. It also prevents Congress from passing strong abolitionist legislation. The court has upheld the views of Andrew Johnson who was a staunch proponent of white supremacy. There’s this guy named Eli Mystal (or Elie Mystal as I would say) who is an MSNBC contributor and is always on the show. I think he’s a bigot. You wrote a book. I bought it and read it. Let me retort. A Black Guy’s Guide to Constitution. Again. This is, in my opinion, who he really is. He declares, like Corker that the United States has always been corrupt. The Constitution is not important, but rather the demands of white immoral people that are enshrined and imposed upon the nation. On ABC’s The View, during his book tour, he said, “The Constitution is trash.” For a moment, let’s talk like adults. He continued. It was written by colonists who wanted to do deals with slavers. The people who wrote the Constitution didn’t even ask anyone that looked like me. This document was also written without the consent or black, brown and women of this country. If that’s the starting point then the least we can do, I believe, is to ignore what slavers, colonists, and misogynists believed and interpret the Constitution so that it makes sense in our modern world. He says that among the many improvements made to the Constitution were the elimination of states rights in the areas of health care, elections and policing. He says that’s better. Mesto believes that interpreting the so-called Constitution is a cynical and practical way to destroy it. To impose his will and that of his fellow ideologues. How do we react to this? This is why I write such books. This book is especially important. You’ll learn some information that you have never heard before. Robert Neilsen is a great man. I have met him and know him from the past. The Independence Institute says that the founders were of the opinion that slavery was not acceptable. The dominant view was that slaves violated the natural law, and were doomed to disappear. By 1787, several state had already begun their journey towards abolition. The Constitution did not create slavery or mandate racial or ethnic discrimination. State law created these laws, which varied from one state to another. They had to accept this situation in order to keep America from becoming a series of warring nations, like Europe. The common belief that slaveholders adopted a constitution that was ratified by the public is also false. In at least five states the ratifying electorate also included African-Americans who were free. Did you know this? It seems missile did not know. It’s interesting that many of the people who insisted that Mrs. May, all our history, must be taught, when promoting CRT, refused to do so, while they were relentlessly slandering our country. Former Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold is the president of the American Constitution Society. They held a conference. The conference was entitled Founding Failures: Reckoning With Our Constitution’s Impacts on Generational Health and Well-Being. This constant attack on the Constitution is because they are Marxists. I have said it a thousand time that they can’t coexist. They claim that our Constitution established a system of racial casting. They say that the legacy left by our Constitution is still visible today and has impacted generations of people of color. Medical care, discriminatory infrastructure, and environmental policies, as well as exploitation of scientific studies, have caused havoc to the bodies and health of black and Latino Americans. It goes on. As I have pointed out, the party that is most directly responsible, and has perpetuated slavery, segregation, and racism, is the Democrat Party. The American Marxists, as members and supporters, are very sympathetic and aligned to the Democrat Party. Even more. I am scrolling down. They are trying to make a statement. Here’s what we have. Keep up with me. The New York Times reported this by Alex Taub. They heavily relied on the old-time Marxists to guide the modern Marxists. Frances Fox’s parents and others. The book is a deep dive into the history. Professor Nelson said that the book is a good example of this, as it includes Natal. Assistant Professor at Hillsdale College. Dr. David in the role of Herod. Gives a succinct and good defense of the Constitution’s framers. Hear this. He claims that the argument against the Constitution being racist has a fatal flaw. The Constitution does not include the concept of race. In the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, there is no mention of race, ethnicity, skin colour, etc. No one should be able to use sex or religion, nor any other less-favored groupings. Our founding principles were colorblind. Unfortunately, our history was not. The Constitution uses the words people, citizens and persons to refer to slaves, Indians, or other persons who are not taxed. In this case, it’s their status as tax-exempt, not their color, that is important. The 15th Amendment, which guaranteed the right to vote in 1870, is the first to mention race and color. As I have pointed out, the 3/5 clause is one of the most nonsense clauses ever written. It does not say that a black individual is worth 60% more than a white individual. The clause states that the government will only count 3/5 of slaves for the purposes of determining how many representatives each state has in the House of Representatives and the amount of direct taxes. The Southern states were trying to get more seats. The Southern states insisted, but the proposal was rejected. The North and South counted the 60,000 blacks who were free in both the North and South. The free will. Blacks. According to Article 1, Section 2, clause one of the Constitution, it is up to each state to decide who will be eligible to vote. It’s a lesser-known fact in American history that blacks were allowed to vote in as many as 10 states. We know of at least five. At the time of its founding, there were ten states. It is not clear how many, but only Georgia South Carolina Virginia restricted the suffrage of whites. He claims that because the Constitution doesn’t explicitly acknowledge slavery, and therefore does not admit slaves as property, it is possible to apply all of the protections afforded to individuals to slaves. In the hands of abolitionist politicians, any one of these provisions could be applied. They all would make a difference. It would make a big difference. You know who made that point, Mr. Produce? In a July 5, 1852 speech. Frederick Douglass. You were a slave. Escape from slavery was a real genius. He said some of the most amazing things about the Constitution, if only men would follow it. This is also in the book. But I won’t read anymore right now. You who have pre-ordered. You are welcome. I urge those of you thinking about it to jump right in. You won’t see any changes to the book between now and the release date, but I still want you to join the queue so that you can be among the first to receive it. When I write these books, I think they are very important in helping to create a movement that will save our country. You will learn new information from these books that will help you to fight the Marxist Left, the anti-Democrat Party. Let’s work together. All of them have websites: Barnes and Noble.com, Books-a-million.com. Let’s see if we can get this book to the top of Amazon. I’ll be back shortly.

Segment 4

I can assure you. I can guarantee that if there were any leaks, it was Joe Biden’s family or himself. It wouldn’t matter what information was leaked but the actual information. Who leaked the information? What is their motivation? Will they be found? This is serious. Today, you have heard nothing of the sort except for me and possibly a few other people I’ve not heard. There’s no concern for constitutional violations. Tribe. So much respect for Dershowitz. He’s a Democrat but he is not a Marxist. His former friends and his own party are launching a vicious attack on him. He calls them what he sees. He calls me as I see you, too. I won’t stop. What happened last night was deplorable. Absolute outrage. You cannot have due processes in this country if you are trying to poison the jury pool in a way like this, and all media that I have seen and heard participate. Stay with us, America. I’ll be back in a moment.

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