June 9th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, the Federal indictment of Donald Trump shows just how political the Department of Justice is.

The Federal indictment of Donald Trump was discussed on Friday’s Mark Levin Show. It showed how politicized the Department of Justice really is. The Espionage Act never was intended to cover a president, or an ex-president. This is because the president has the power to decide what information is classified or not and is not bound to regulations from any department. Hillary Clinton was not indicted for breaking the law, despite her and her attorneys deleting emails that Congress had subpoenaed and destroying cell phones using a hammer. The Presidential Records Act dictates how presidents should handle their documents. Some presidents would take all the documents they owned, but Trump was singled out for keeping his own. Trump’s charges are so outrageous, they would result in a sentence so long that Trump would likely die behind bars. This is what Democrats want. Biden wants Donald Trump to be removed from the election in 2024, so the DOJ and the media are working hard to achieve this.

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Trump is indicted for 37 federal charges arising from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into classified documents


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Alexei Navalny, a jailed Putin opponent, has been found guilty by a jury of fraud. He could face up to thirteen years in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison camp (March 20,22).


Judge Clears the Way for Discipline Proceedings against Trump’s ally Jeffrey Clark

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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin is here. Our number is 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. You know now why they indicted Trump yesterday, and today they are running a full propaganda campaign. You can see how politically motivated the Department of Injustice really is by the Friday show before Sunday. I will make a comment that no one else has ever made. It’s good that many of my words are repeated everywhere. I will tell you that I have done a lot research on the Espionage Act. Many years ago, I knew a lot of it. This law was not intended to be applied to a President. This law was never intended to apply to a president. It was never meant to be applied to a President, because the Executive Branch is the president. He decides what information is classified and not. They tell us that there are strict rules and regulations about how to do this, even though they have very rigid rules. The President of the United States does not have to follow regulations from any department. These are even rules that previous presidents have set out. This is the Constitution. It’s the Constitution. This is number one. Number two, let us take a look. The various titles of the. Espionage Act was passed in 1917. Section 791 repealed Sections 792 and 793, which dealt with hiding or harboring people. Section 93, gathering, transmitting, or losing Defence Information, Section 794, gathering or delivering Defense information to a foreign government. Section 1785: photographing and sketching of defense installations. This sounds like an American ex-president. Section 1786. Use of aircraft to photograph defence installations. Section 797. Section 798. Publication and sale photographs of Defence Installations. Section 798 Publication of photographs and sale of Defence installations. Section 798 Publication of classified information. Nina violates the regulations. Section 798, temporary extension to 794 section seven. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA. It was never meant to apply to presidents or ex-presidents, so it has never been used. Since 1917, the Espionage Act is in place. Woodrow Wilson was the man who introduced it. Woodrow Wilson used the law to prosecute World War One opponents. Eugene Debs was a socialist presidential candidate. Wilson put him in prison, and he ran from prison for president and got one million votes. 2000 people. Since then, it’s been changed. It’s 116-year history. Check out the 106-year history. 106-year history. Never against a President. Never. Yesterday is still yesterday Yesterday was yesterday. It wasn’t used to attack Hillary Clinton. In 2012, the Department of Justice stated that Hillary Clinton and her staff as well as her lawyers were not involved in the investigation. Permanently deleted. 30,000 subpoenaed emails. Congress supported her. She destroyed despite the fact. Her staff may have done it. Her previous cell phones were smashed with a hammer. The information on those phones will never be recovered despite being subpoenaed. No warrant and no SWAT in Westchester. Nothing. Hillary Clinton also lied. In her bathroom, she had installed a private server the moment that she became secretary of state. When she became secretary of state, all classified information was transferred to her private server. She brought it with her. The government also noted private communications, such as on foreign trips. Easy to access. She claimed she did not have classified information. She lied. We’ll talk about that in a later program. This is a very relevant topic. It’s the same Department of Justice. Which one chose. It was decided not to pursue criminal charges of obstruction, conspiracy, obstructing a false statement of the gathering or transmitting lost defense information. They are using these things against President Trump who is a former president and a president unlike Hillary Clinton. These things were not used to attack Hillary Clinton. This is an important issue. Martha MACCALLUM is a wonderful host. After reading these 49 pages, I was able to explain something that I thought was obvious. First. No information is available about the destruction or loss of classified or unclassified documents, tapes, or other government information. Two, there is not a single shred of evidence that the information has been altered or manipulated in any way. None. None. The government received all the information that it needed. Third, criminalizing the case instead of treating it as a civil or administrative case. The original U.S. Attorney and the fake special counsel. We can trigger the usual tools that prosecutors employ when they are targeting someone. They have a large number of witnesses. They collect as much documentation as possible. They look for any conflict, or disagreement. They ask witnesses about their memories. They force witnesses to testify. They threaten to put witnesses in jail. You are in front of the grand jury. Witnesses without lawyers. They cannot provide exculpatory evidence. They cannot record the proceedings. They cannot provide a response. They have nothing to say. The jury only hears this. Grand jurys are usually 23 in number. Grand jury. 23 members. A simple majority is required to indict. 12. If your grand jury has seventeen members, you can take nine. This is how indictments are brought. In Miami or the District of Columbia. Or New York. You can talk about it. TRUMP It is not as tough as you think. It’s not as tough as it seems. Here is the relevant statute. The Presidential Records Act. The Presidential Records Act was passed in 1978. After Nixon’s departure. Change the way presidents handle their documents. The presidents used to bring all their documents with them. You can buy these documents if you are a collector of signatures or documents. They are available to buy in this way. Ernie Grabowski, a writer in Peoria Illinois, says that a president could have a document the government does not control. This is how they get on the market. The documents that a president creates and which are in government possession no longer belong to him. This is important, because legal analysts miss the point. They have always missed the boat. You’re not listening, so there are no criminal penalties for violating the Presidential Records Act. None. At this point, he moved on to the Espionage Act which had never been used before against an ex president. To criminalize the investigation. Why is it important to have no criminal law in the Presidential Records Act? It is important to have a penalty because it shows the mentality of the United States Congress. Jimmy Carter, the man who signed the law into law, had originally stated that there was no intention to apply a document act. In a criminal context, against a vice-president or president. Period. So you’ve got a prosecutor who has moved to the 1917 law. It gets its Genesis 1917 from the Espionage Act and uses it to charge a president or former president who is a top contender for the Republican nomination. If he wins, he will run for president against that very regime. As I pointed out also on HANNITY. Legal analysts have repeated this all over cable. Donald Trump could face a maximum 20-year sentence if convicted of any of these felonies. He will die in federal prison. He’s 76. On Martha’s show I also pointed out 37 counts which mentioned Trump and one additional count that mentions an aide. Why? They’re trying pressure on the aide so that he turns against the president. But 31 out of 37 counts. 31 of these 37 counts. 31 of them. Retaining records is about gathering, transmitting and losing defense information. The 31 charges could have all been one charge or three charges, maximum five. But they were spread out. They take. They spread each one out. Attach a maximum 20-year sentence to each of them. They do that. This is what corrupt, rogue prosecutors do. He did that. He knows. In this case, a defendant, President Trump, must be the one to win. He must win every time. Here, the goal is to destroy Trump and imprison Trump. Trump will die in prison. Their goal is to achieve this. It’s just that simple. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

In American history, there has never been a time when the Espionage Act was used against an ex-president. The Espionage Act has been used 106 times against ex-presidents since 1917. Could have been. When an ex-president leaves office, you know. They hold a lot classified information in their ears. They traveled a lot. He met many people, including secretaries of states and others. Some of them are on boards. How can we be sure they are not divulging classified information? If this is such an important issue, why aren’t they being watched? It’s absurd. You can tell by the titles. The Espionage Act. When you read these sections, even the most ambiguous and generalized portions, it is clear that they are not meant to apply to a former president, period. Andy McCarthy, I believe, said this today: Look. We’ve charged people at lower ranks. He is a chief commander. He must apply the same laws to this person. That’s not. Correct. That’s not true. The constitution creates three branches. The President is one of these branches. This office was created by them. He is the commander in Chief. The idea. The Espionage Act can hold him criminally liable, just as if a lieutenant left a document. It’s absurd, whether you like it or not. It’s because it has never happened before that the government does not monitor ex-presidents. Ex-presidents are not allowed to attend certain meetings or meet certain heads of state. The Presidential Records Act does not provide for criminal penalties. This is the law.

Segment 3

Democrats, who are trying to destroy the law, claim that no one is above the law. The Democrats are destroying the law by enacting laws that have never been done before and then lecturing and telling us no one is above the law, except for killers and rapists. Shoplifters are also included. But that’s another story. You know that no one is above the law? Chip? Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is celebrating today. Hillary Clinton should wear an orange jumpsuit. I’m not talking about the normal one. I’m talking about in prison. Shared a cell Loretta. Oh, yes. Maybe Bertha was there. Frank. One never knows. One never knows. Hillary Clinton, the redhead that she is, was caught in red light. She and her team, which is full of miscreants and malcontents. The destruction of 30,000 emails which were subpoenaed to the House Oversight Committee. Jason Chaffetz served as the chairman of this committee. She and her team destroyed the cell phones using hammers. Is this obstruction of an enforceable subpoena legal? It’s obvious. But. The FBI and Department of Justice told me, “No, we won’t do that under Espionage Act.” When you bring it up, they try to make it seem like it’s not applicable because she was wearing a hairpiece on the day of her act, while Trump wasn’t. She was also standing on just one leg. It’s on point. It’s on point. How can the Department of Justice take one position in Tokyo, and then a completely different position in 2023? This is impossible. This won’t be important in court but it should matter to you. This should matter to you. Here, the relevant law is the Presidential Records Act. I just responded to a guy I heard about, Harold Ford. These people are not my enemies. Harold Ford said, “Well, you know the Trump laws are changing their arguments.” First, they claimed that Trump had the right to unilaterally declassify. He did. Now they say that the law doesn’t apply to espionage. Both can be right. Declassification is done by a president under his authority. The Constitution’s designation of President and Commander in Chief has nothing to do the Espionage Act. It was me who started the debate. I am the one who has stated that the Espionage Act is not applicable to a former president or a current president. Nothing in its history suggests anything else. You’re not supposed apply the law to this person in the same way as you would to someone else. They are two different things. The Constitution of the United States created them. They are different. They are different from the rest of us. It’s just the way things work. Period. You just read the headers for all of those titles, didn’t you? It becomes obvious when you read the titles. It was not intended to include a former president or a current president. The Presidential Records Act was specifically passed to cover presidents. There is no criminal punishment. This should make it easier for you to understand. But not for the legal analysts. Not on me. LSD and Constipated News Network It’s full of idiots, miscreants, and prepubescent malcontents. Oh, yes, it’s true. In the end, there was no destruction of documents. No document has been altered. How can I be sure? Was I there? Was I there? In this 49-page list of charges. There is not a single footnote that suggests otherwise. They criminalize it to create obstruction and other criminal charges that would otherwise not be applicable. Hillary Clinton is treated differently, even though it’s not true that she was an ex-president. She is a secretary. Donald Trump treated a second ex-president running for the presidency. Now I’m going to talk about that. Meritless. Garland was appointed as the Attorney General of the United States by Joe Biden. Meritless. Karlan is a very angry man. He feels that his appointment to the Supreme Court has been blocked. Senate Republicans. He’s never recovered from it. He’s never gotten over it. He has waged a war as attorney general. Trump. And against the Republicans, and their supporters. They go after the parades of January 6. The violence, the fighting is not even mentioned. They go after pro-lifers like there is no tomorrow. This is why they will not protect conservative justices. Why they target parents who protest against. Left-wing radical school board members, and education bureaucrats. He is trying to settle an old score. The Democrats are right to think that the rogue prosecutor from The Hague is the best man for this job. This prosecutor was responsible for the destruction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, even though his conviction was overturned 8-0. The Supreme Court recused every justice. Each and every justice of the Supreme Court said that it was unacceptable. The time was then. Jack Smith headed the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division. He was a half-baked, big-half. Overturned by 8 to 0. They file a lawsuit against John Edwards. They accept the loss of the campaign. They stretch themselves to the point of no return. The jury, the jury. The jury found the defendants guilty on a single count. And hung on for. The Justice Department dismisses the case. They send him to The Hague. They want them gone. They haven’t been heard from. Out of all the attorneys that could be selected to be a Special Counsel, only one was chosen. Marilyn Scarlett chooses him. He doesn’t even know. Why is he picking this guy? It’s because his deputy, number two. She recommends Monaco, the radical Marxist bomb-throwing who worked for Obama. I’m her. She is the Svengali. She is the invisible man. They bring him in. They have divided the country. They’re fine with that. They are fine. You are a snob. You will be watched. You go online. I’ll look up your file. This is the America you remember from three years ago, or even just 48 hours ago. This America doesn’t exist, at least not for the moment. It does not exist. Now, of course, the judges are being slandered. Even some of my legal analyst friends saw it. Guess who has been assigned the TREB Stocks Case. The Daily’s headline is: “Bestiality”. Bestiality. Joe Pagliarulo in the Hall with Dan Lad. Two schmucks. Sources briefed about the situation say that the same federal judge appointed by Donald Trump who did everything she could to slow down federal investigations into the mishandling of classified documents by the former president has been chosen to oversee the criminal charges filed against him. Federal District Judge Aileen Aileen Cannon is her name. Aileen Cannon has become hated. Legal analysts, Democrats and media are now destroying her reputation. This was reported in at least 10 news sources. It was even broadcast on my favorite cable station. Now that the pressure is on to make this judge rule, it is time for him to do so. Trump’s emotions and his supporters have been repeatedly criticized. This is what’s happening. She was Smashmouth by. Bill Barr. Bill Barr. She suggested a special master at a time when the Department of Justice had lost control. She was right, I believe. In these circumstances. 100% correct. The lawyers are to blame. It is the lawyers who are making excuses for tyranny. Who will be remembered for this? They will remember if they do. In history, as those who supported or excused tyranny. You’re seeing it right now. I’ll return in a moment.

Segment 4

Life, liberty, and love. This Sunday at 8 pm Eastern, was the most important program I have ever done for Life, Liberty and Live. I hope you’ll watch it. I will. Five How many segments are there in a program? Three of them will I be doing. Jim Trusty no longer represents President Trump. When I interviewed him, I was not aware of this. Marco Rubio, as well as the two last segments of the program, will also be featured. Please watch it. I would not say this if I did not believe it. This is the most important book I have ever read about life, liberty, and living. Set your DVR now if you are unable to watch live, or if you have a conflict. You don’t need to wait until Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific and 7 p.m. central time. You won’t miss this either. What the hell am I waiting for? Oh, yes. Yes, sir. Next hour we will begin the hour. A piece from Reuters. Seven years ago. You know, I work harder than anyone else. You can write a book, or host a radio or TV show. Many hosts simply show up. Some of them are overweight. They have their guests in. They waste 60 minutes. They go to the studio. This is not what we do. It’s Friday. I’m not sure if my feet are firmly on the ground. What is the problem? What the FBI did not say about Hillary Clinton’s emails Even today. Andrea Mitchell defends Hillary Clinton Why? They’re buddies, that’s why. Hillary is the reason. Destroyed. Subpoenaed stuff. We like Hillary. Atlanta is next. They’re next. Now they’re going be more confident. They will bring a fake case against what they call “fake electors”. There are no fake voters. Next week, I will have to face that. This is where you should be. Three hours a night, three hours a evening, all three hours. Here is where you want to be. Okay. It turns out that Hillary Clinton was in a worse situation than she thought. Her situation was even worse. Comey then said that her situation was much worse than had been reported. I found this article from seven years back, and the guy is very knowledgeable. Peter Van Buren is his name. You may not know, but we did have a president. Martin Van Buren Right. I think he was chasing Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s decisions on the economy were a disaster, and all of them fell to Martin Van Buren. So he survived for many years. Peter Van Buren, who was at the State Department during this period and wrote this essay 24 years ago when he had it right, served for this department. 24 years. He goes into great detail about what Hillary Clinton did. What she did. See, ladies and gentleman, Donald Trump did not destroy anything. Hillary Clinton destroyed thousands. Thousands. She’s waddling, waddling, around the Earth. Much like a dictator, she says all the things that should be changed. She, however, is not. It’s very important. We’ll be back in a moment.

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