Kaitlin Armstrong’s trial date is set after a judge denies defense motion to dismiss evidence in pro-cyclist murder case

The trial over the shooting death of cycling pro Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson will begin in June after an Austin judge rejected her defense's motion to toss evidence.

Kaitlin Armstrong from Austin, Texas was charged with shooting down Anna Moriah “Mo”) Wilson, a pro-cyclist, earlier this year. The judge denied her defense motions to suppress evidence, and set a June trial.

Rick Cofer , the former yoga instructor’s defense attorney, had requested that the court throw out portions of her first interview with police. He claims it was unconstitutionally collected. He previously requested a speedy trial.

Judge Brenda Kennedy denied Wednesday’s arguments and set the June 22 jury docket call, court records show.

Armstrong, 34, was accused of ambushing Wilson (25), who investigators claim was a perceived romantic opponent who had been on a date Armstrong’s live in boyfriend, Colin Strickland (35) another professional rider.


Kaitlin Armstrong and Moriah Wilson (left). (The Wilson family/ U.S. Marshal Service

After an Austin police snafu, Armstrong was taken into custody shortly after the murder. She was not given her Miranda rights. Even though she repeatedly asked to leave after being told that she could, and even asking for an attorney’s assistance, the police continued questioning Armstrong.

Later, detectives cited the interview in an affidavit asking for a warrant to arrest her on murder charges. The defense also challenges the validity of the statement as it is misleading and inadequate.

“There are gonna be a lot of challenges around this case now,” said Robert Riggs, a Texas-based journalist behind the True Crime Reporter podcast and “Freed to Kill” on Fox Nation. “I believe this ruling allows the defense to appeal if the trial doesn’t go their direction.”


Last month, former Plano Police Lieutenant Douglas Deaton testified at the pretrial hearing. He was an expert witness for defense and had previously signed an affidavit denouncing the warrant. Deaton blasted the detectives’ inexperience.

Armstrong was interrogated and then released. After a manhunt that saw marshals go from Texas to New York and New Jersey to Central America, 43 days later, she was arrested on a Costa Rican shore. She had allegedly dyed her hair, and assumed a new identity.

Kaitlin Armstrong (left) is pictured during an interview with Detective Katy Conner of Austin Police Department in May. (Austin Police)

Wilson’s friend discovered her lying in bed in a pool within the Austin apartment bathroom days before the gravel cycling star was due to race in Hico. She was “multiplely shot”

Wilson had been swimming at the Deep Eddy Pool with Strickland earlier that evening. He then went to the Pool Burger across the street. According to the affidavit, Strickland drove Wilson to her friend’s house on his motorcycle. He had also misled Armstrong about Armstrong’s whereabouts throughout that evening.

Colin Strickland outside his Austin, Texas home on June 17, 2022. (MEGA)

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Court filings reveal that Armstrong’s boyfriend Strickland repeatedly said to detectives that he didn’t believe Wilson would shoot him and that he didn’t think she was the jealous or violent type.

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