Kansas City homeowner accused in shooting of teen on front porch pleads guilty

A Kansas City man accused of shooting a teen on his front porch last week after the minor rang his doorbell pleaded not guilty to two felony charges on Wednesday.

A Kansas City man who was accused of shooting at a minor on his porch after the minor rang its doorbell last week pleaded not guilt to two felony counts on Wednesday.

Andrew Lester (84), appeared in court to be arraigned on charges of first-degree assault, and armed criminal activity. After surrendering himself to the police, he posted a bond of $200,000 on Tuesday.

Yarl, a 16-year old victim, was shot in the head as well as in the arm on Thursday night after he went to the wrong house while attempting to pick up two of his younger brothers. He was supposed to be at 115th Terrace but ended up at Lester’s house on 115th Street.

Lester reported to police he was just about to go to sleep when he heard a doorbell ring. He then picked up his revolver, went to the front, and saw Yarl tugging on the exterior door handle.


The 84 year old man who lives alone told officers that he was “scared” to death and fired two shots. Yarl denies that he grabbed the handle of the storm door and claims he was shot after falling down. According to the statement, he picked himself up and fled as Lester shouted “Don’t go around here.”

Yarl has been released from the hospital. In a GoFundMe update, his aunt stated that the teenager is now able to walk and speak.

Yarl’s Aunt wrote: “He still has a lot of work to do.” “We are grateful that he’s still with us. I have been reading the emails and comments Ralph. “It warms our heart to see him smiling at all the nice words.”

Zachary Thompson, Clay County’s Prosecuting attorney, said on Monday that the shooting had “a racial element”, but refused to elaborate. Lester is white, and Yarl is black.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lusc said that the residents of Kansas City are angry and heartbroken over the shooting.

“I’ve talked to a number of gun owners who are responsible.” Lucas said on “Fox & Friends,” Tuesday, that this is something you cannot do – shoot through two locked doors, a screen door locked, and a second door for your own protection.

As we learned yesterday, the announcement of the prosecutor, “to shoot and to shoot again, seems to reach a level that is unforgivable.”

Lester’s lawyer did not respond immediately to a comment request on Wednesday.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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