Kaylin Gilis’s driveway shooting death: Her boyfriend details the wrong turn and immediate aftermath in New York woods

New details emerge in the shooting death of a 20-year-old New York woman killed after her boyfriend drove down the wrong rural driveway Saturday night.

Kaylin Gilis, a New York woman, who died in a shooting when the car in which she was riding turned into the wrong rural driveway was in the car of her boyfriend at the time a group got lost while on their way to the party.

Local reports say that Kevin Monahan is a 65-year old reputed grinch who, according to his neighbors, hated trespassers. He also has a “short temper.” Monahan is in jail in Warren County because Gillis’ dad works at the jail in Washington County where they live.

According to Washington County Sherriff Jeffrey J. Murphy, Gillis and his friends were searching for a friend’s home in the area, but they had to contend with poor cell reception, no internet, and dark dirt roads.

They made a wrong turn and ended up in Monahan’s driveway.


Kaylin Gilis was driving a car in upstate New York when the homeowner opened fire. The former high school cheerleader from nearby Schuylerville died of a gunshot wound. (Kaylin Gillis, Schuylerville Varsity Cheerleading/Facebook)

Blake Walsh, a 19-year old Blake Walsh, said NBC News on Wednesday, “We thought that we were at a correct address.” We didn’t have cell service so we couldn’t figure it out.”

He told the outlet that when they realized what they had done, they turned around.

Walsh said: “My friend told me, ‘They are shooting — Go!’ “I stepped on the gas as quickly as I could and that was when the fatal bullet came through.”

But you can’t outrun bullets.

According to the Sheriff, a bullet struck Gillis.

Kevin D. Monahan, in a photo taken at the weekend. Kevin D. Monahan, 65, is accused of shooting dead a woman in her 20s who was driving a car which made a wrong-turn up his driveway.


The neighbors heard the noise, and they grabbed their mobile phones. Walsh and a friend in a separate car, also driving up the rural road, were searching for cell service at the same time.

Sheriff Murphy reported that the first 911 call was received at 9:53 pm Saturday. The caller identified himself as and said he had a victim of a shooting. First responders rushed to Cemetery Road in Hebron to try to treat Gillis’ wounds, but she died.

According to an online obituary, Kaylin Gillis was fond of dolphins and goats. She wanted to become a veterinarian or marine scientist.

According to the sheriff, a separate call reported gunfire five miles away on Patterson Hill Road where Monahan lives. The sheriff claimed that he refused to speak with the responding deputies and was “uncooperative” when they arrived. He was arrested after a standoff lasting several hours, with the help of a special operations team of state police.


Murphy, who spoke Monday, said that Gillis and his friends were mistakenly directed to Monahan’s driveway, a place with dirt roads and poor cell service, as well as no internet connectivity.

Murphy explained that the driver was mistakenly driving up to his driveway when they were actually looking for a friend’s home.

Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy provides an update regarding the death of Kaylin Gilis. He told reporters that the car in which she was travelling had been driven into the wrong driveway. Kevin Monahan, the homeowner, allegedly shot her before she and her friends had a chance to leave.

Dallas Salls, a friend of Gillis’s from Schuylerville told the New York Times about a graduation party being held by a group of Gillis’ fellow graduates. Gillis, her friends and family were on their way to the party and had difficulty finding it.

Adam Matthews (Monahan’s neighbor) told the New York Post that “it’s shocking but I’m also not surprised.” He had a short temper. It was clear he was a man with a short temper.

Matthews called Matthews’ neighbor a narcissist and said that he was often angry about trespassers in his rural driveway.


He told the newspaper that “people would drive up his driveway and think it was a road.” “He was adamant that people not come up and for many years he kept his driveway’s bottom gated, because people were mistaking it for a road because it is so wide.”

Monahan will be back in court for a charge of second-degree murder on April 25.

Kurt Mausert told the New York Times his “elderly client” could be reasonably afraid of vehicles accelerating up his driveway in the night.

“Is this a scenario that would cause fear?” He said to the newspaper that it might be. It’s not a simple case of someone taking a wrong turn. Within 20 seconds, the shooter is on his deck.

The woman who answered Mausert’s phone Wednesday morning told me that he wasn’t immediately available to comment.

In a separate interview with CBS News he denied that there had been a standoff and claimed he was talking to Monahan on the phone while police officers were outside, without a warrant. He told CBS News that he had urged his client, after learning of Gillis’s death, to surrender peacefully.

Monahan’s alleged wife, who was believed to be at home during the shooting, has not responded to requests for comment.

Kaylin Gillis always wanted to be an animal vet, and she never missed Sunday dinner at Mi Mi’s until this week

Gillis turned twenty on February 23. According to , an online obituary, she wanted to become a marine biologist or veterinarian.

Kaylin Gilis in an undated photo. Kaylin Gillis, who turned 20 late in February, died on Saturday from a gunshot injury after she and her friends drove into the wrong driveway upstate New York.

She loved animals. Photos on her Facebook page and Walsh’s show her with them at a zoo or beach.

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She was an artist and varsity cheerleader who loved Disney films, dolphins, tacos, and ice-cream.

Her funeral will take place on Friday.

Instead of flowers, the family has asked for donations to the local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals branch or to the GoFundMe page set up in her honor to create a scholarship.

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