Kim Kardashian is given a restraining order for man who claims to be able to communicate with her telepathically

Kim Kardashian has been granted a restraining order against a man who has been trying to get in contact with her and claimed to speak with her telepathically, according to court documents.

Kim Kardashian was granted a restraining or against a man who tried to contact her and claimed to be able to communicate with her via telepathy, according to court documents obtained from

Adrian Gidaya Roxas, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, granted Kardashian, 42, a permanent five-year restraining ordnance. He was required to remain at least 100 feet from Kardashian and prohibited from contacting her indirectly or directly.

Kardashian’s legal team filed a restraining order. She stated that the man had repeatedly tried to contact her and she believes that he is communicating with her in some way.

According to court documents, Kardashian claimed that “the man” claimed that he had been communicating with her telepathically. He also stated that the man expressed frustration at my inability to respond to him.

Kardashian stated that she has not spoken to the man, but that he had “attempted access to my residence on three different occasions in August 2022.”

She claimed that the man tried to get into her hotel on her recent trip to New York.

Reality TV star said she was concerned that the man would try to access her without a restraining orders and that he might escalate to violence, especially since he claimed to have a gun. The restraining orders prohibit the man from possessing, buying, or possessing firearms. He must also surrender any firearms he may have to law enforcement.

This is Kardashian’s second case in court in recent weeks. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West mediated their divorce on Nov. 29. This was almost two years after Skims founder in February 2021 filed for divorce.

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