KYRIE DUNKS ON JOE – ‘Do Your Work and Bring Brittney Griner home’

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets’ all-star player, has a message to Joe Biden: “Do your job.” Irving believes Biden and his administration should be more focused on Brittney Griner’s return from Russia. Brittney was detained in February for pot possession. She was sentenced to nine year imprisonment in August.

Irving addressed the Barclays Center crowd on Wednesday night.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share this floor with you, all of us brothers. Brittney Griner, our sister, is the main picture. Irving shared his message with the home crowd.

“POTUS, do your job. Do your job. Bring our sister home. He said that we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs well if we didn’t stand up for what we believe.

See the video below:

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