LAKE BLASTS HOBBS – ‘She is an Open-Borders Globalist and Wants California 2.0.

Monday night’s Hannity town-hall event featured Arizona GOP gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake. The gov hopeful continued to slam her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs for wanting to make Arizona a liberal bastion similar to California and refusing to discuss. Lake also spoke out about border security and abortion.

Lake torched Hobbs’ plan of border security.

“Her plan is for Joe Biden to handle it. Joe Biden is why we’ve gotten in this mess,” Lake stated, adding that both Hobbs as well as Biden reflect the California Governor. Gavin Newsom is also in this realm.

Lake said that she is an open-borders globalist. “She wants Arizona to do what Newsom did for California, which was to destroy that state. That’s why I believe we have a movement. People know that if we elect Katie Hobbs, California 2.0 will be created. Nobody wants that.

Lake said that Hobbs administrations are often most worried about by ex-Californians.

“[They] have grabbed me at these events, and they go, Don’t let Arizona go. We moved our family, our business, and our children. We don’t want Arizona becoming California. ‘”

Lake also spoke out against Hobbs about her views on abortion.

“I want to help as much women as possible. They are accepted into Planned Parenthood. They are given only one option, which is the most harmful. She said, “Let’s give women choices so they can choose their life.”

“They can find a family willing to adopt their child. Then I would suggest to the media that Katie Hobbs be questioned about her position. She is for abortion right up to the time the baby is born, and afterward.

Lake is currently leading in the polls, but she discussed with Sean Hannity that she will fight on as if she were behind.

See the video above.

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