LEADER CAIN ON TIM ALLEN: ‘He’s Incredibly Funny, Completed, and Uncancellable’

Fox News’ Fox & Friends actor Dean Cain visited to discuss, among others, Tim Allen’s Monday morning Twitter post that leftists were in a huff. Allen then had the nerve to ask, “Who’s the face for woke?”

Allen was retaliated at by the woke mob, but Cain insists that he doesn’t care and is uncancellable.

Cain stated on Tuesday’s ” Fox & Friends” that “[The “woke mob’s message] is to shut your mouth, keep in line or you’ll get canceled.”

“The strange, ironic part to me is that while those who shout about inclusion and acceptance want silenced dissenting voices, it’s not. He added that they don’t want freedom of speech and that’s what fascism is.

“[He] is] incredibly funny, and he’s incredibly accomplished. He’s uncancellable, and that makes Twitter and other social media go bananas.”

He said, “He has achieved great fame and can speak what he wishes to.”

“Everyone wants to be offended at everything. It’s a victim culture. He said, “That’s your new red-badge of courage.”

“Comedy is meant to be funny about those in power. He said that that’s the whole idea. He also claimed that cancel culture is against comedy that ridicules those in power.

See the video above.

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