LEAVING SO QUICKLY? Miami Mayor Will Continue To ‘Amplify Hispanic voices’ After Dropping Out Of GOP Race

Miami Mayor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Francis Suarez has announced he’s dropping out of the race; “My commitment to making this a better nation for every American remains,” Suarez says.

Francis Suarez, Miami mayor and GOP presidential candidate for 2024, has announced that he is dropping out of his race ; “My dedication to making this nation a better one for all Americans remains,” Suarez said.

Please read the full statement below.

The opportunity to run for president of the United States was one of my greatest honors. This country has been so generous to me and my family. It is not only a motivation, but also a calling to serve at the highest level of public service. Through this process, I’ve met many Americans who are passionate about freedom, our country, its people and its future. I was so close to being on stage last week with the other candidates in the first debate.

I was eager to share the success story of Miami with you, America’s largest city. This is especially true at a moment when many cities suffer from poverty, unemployment and high taxes. I am confident that what we achieved as Mayor of Miami could be replicated by every community across our country. The next president must play a key role in bringing America’s cities to a place of safety, prosperity, and improved quality of life.

Although I have suspended my presidential campaign, my commitment to make this nation a better place for all Americans remains.

I will continue to raise the voices of Hispanics – the fastest growing voting group in the United States. Hispanics have been taken for granted by the Left for too long. It is not surprising that many of them are now joining America’s conservative movement. Our party needs to do more to attract and include this vibrant community who believes in the foundational values of our country: faith, family and hard work. The GOP’s policies should appeal to younger voters, Independents and urban women, among others. I have carried these voters in past elections.

The current administration is failing the country. The current administration is failing our country. We deserve better.

I am looking forward to staying in touch with other Republican presidential candidates. I will do what I can to ensure that our party nominates a strong candidate who can inspire, unify, and renew Americans’ faith in our institutions, as well as in each other.

Mayor Suarez’s campaign has not gained much momentum since his announcement earlier this year. His polling was below 1%. Suarez is one of four candidates that failed to make it past the first RNC stage debate last week.

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