Lightfoot receives a message from the Good Samaritan that rescued abused Chicago couple

A Good Samaritan who stepped in to help a couple that was being brutally beaten during the weekend's Chicago "Teen Takeover" of downtown spoke out about the events.

Good Samaritans who helped a couple brutally beaten by teens during Chicago’s “Teen Takeover” Saturday are speaking out against the downtown chaos. They accuse Mayor Lori Lightfoot of “sugarcoating”.

Lenora Denis, the woman identified as the one who intervened to save a couple from a Chicago mob attack, has reacted against the mayor’s claim that the “Teen Takeover”, an event inspired by social media, “wasn’t chaos.”

“I’m sorry, Lightfoot. Dennis said to Fox News’ Garrett Tenney, “I voted for you…but I can’t sugarcoat what I saw.” “That was chaos.”

Lightfoot told WGN9 the majority of the young people who came to downtown did so “because the weather was perfect and it gave them the chance to enjoy the city.”

Lightfoot told WGN9 that “that’s it.” There are some who came with different intents. “They have, and they will be dealt.”

Dennis, who was there to witness the chaos, disagreed with Lightfoot’s response.


Lenora Denis, identified as the woman that stepped in and saved a couple from being attacked by a Chicago gang during the “Teen Takeover”.

Dennis told Fox News that she was afraid the couple would be killed if they continued to be beaten.

She said, “I felt that if I didn’t intervene this young man would be killed right there.” It was something I just had to do, because I could not accept it.

Knutson, Garrison-Johnson, and others spoke with Fox News for the first since the attack. The video of the incident was taken during the “Teen Takeover”, a chaotic event that took place in downtown Chicago last weekend.

Garrison-Johnson claimed he sustained multiple injuries on his face and body after being jumped by a mob. The couple also revealed the horrific details of their stolen Apple Watch, iPhone, and shoes.

The couple say that their ordeal would have been much worse if Dennis had not come to their rescue. Dennis was a stranger who helped them despite never having met them before. Dennis, according to Knutson & Garrison-Johnson ran up to a mob of people and yelled at them to stop. He then pulled them from the crowd before taking them to the Police Station.

(Fox News)


The couple told Fox 32 that they were out shopping downtown Chicago and ran into a “really large group of people, both men and women.”

Knutson stated that “DJ was holding my hand and trying to guide me through a crowd of people. They pushed him and pushed me. As soon as I felt them pushing me, I said, ‘They shoved me’.”

She recalled that he told her to “don’t push her, who pushed her?” and as soon as he spoke, the whole world went wild.

They said they would kill us. They turned and began fighting. Knutson said, “I got pushed to the ground. The whole group went straight to DJ instead of me.”

Garrison-Johnson was the focus of attention, even though Knutson claimed that she too had been injured.

They were jumping him on the middle of the road. Knutson said that it got “pretty bad”.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. (Kamil Krzaczynski)

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Dennis said that she agreed with those who opposed condemning youths in the city. She also added that community leaders, police and citizens should work together to ensure situations like what unfolded on the weekend do not happen again. Dennis recalled the chaos as being similar to a “warscene.”

She said, “It was very fast… It was surreal.”

Dennis warned parents of Chicago to be aware of their children’s online activity and what they’re consuming. He argued that some youths in the city have been “indoctrinated”, believing these actions to be acceptable.

She said, “They are being indoctrinated into doing this type of crazy stuff.”

Lightfoot’s Office did not respond immediately to a Fox News comment request.

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