Lizzo’s fans feel let down after lawsuit allegations

In the last week, Lizzo fans have been forced to reconcile their love for the “Truth Hurts” singer with allegations that she fostered a toxic work environment.

Lizzo’s fans were forced, in the past week, to reconcile their affection for the “Truth Hurts”, singer with accusations by three of Lizzo’s former dancers who accused the singer of creating a hostile working environment and sexual harassment.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson is the Grammy Award-winning artist whose real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson. She has built her brand on body positivity, and she celebrates her physique. Many of her social media followers were disappointed by the allegations in a lawsuit. These included that Lizzo had weight shamed dancers, and pressed them to touch an nude performer in an Amsterdam club.

“Everything that she has done for Black women, curvy people, the queer community and bringing power to those communities feels like a wasted effort. Tasha, 26, is a dancer who loves Lizzo. “All of the good that she has done will be forever overshadowed.”

Lizzo’s spokesperson declined to comment on her fans’ reactions to the lawsuit. Lizzo’s statement was posted by her on social media Thursday.

She wrote: “I’m not here to be seen as a victim. But I also know I am not the bad guy that the media and people have painted me to be in the past few days.” She called the stories “sensationalized” and dismissed the accusations made in the lawsuit.

Shanade, along with four other fans interviewed by NBC News in the past week, found the news of the lawsuit particularly painful. They looked up to Shanade as a singer who encouraged people to love themselves. They also said that Lizzo’s reaction to the allegations was not up to par.

Shanade said Lizzo, a plus-sized performer who is unapologetically herself, gave her a “fuck-it” attitude. She was inspired by Lizzo and returned to dance.

The news of the lawsuit left Shanade feeling “gutted”, especially since she had been planning a Lizzo-tribute performance in London for two months. It is set to take place this weekend. Shanade handstitched the costumes, and purchased a flute – an instrument Lizzo was known to play – in preparation.

This was a shocking and unexpected mistake. I wasn’t expecting it.

-Candice Lola, 37, on lizzo

She said, “It is very deflating.” “My script is about body positivity. How can I say on stage, “Love yourself”? Be positive. Do not fat shame people.

Candice Lola (37), who met Lizzo at a Chicago bar after a concert in 2016, felt that the person described in her lawsuit was very different than the person she had shared a beer with and discussed music and “Broad City.”

Lola said, “I was shocked and shaken because I didn’t think she would make any mistakes.” It’s because she’s a trailblazer and she’s on her own lane.

Ola Ojewumi, a writer, political commentator, and disability advocate, said that news of the suit inspired her to reflect on her own negative experience, when she was trampled by a fan while in her chair at a Lizzo concert in 2017. The fan was asked to sing on stage with Lizzo.

Ojewumi stated that Lizzo sent her a Direct Message via Twitter, apologizing for her mistake and offering to meet her next time she was in Washington, D.C. Lizzo did not respond to Ojewumi’s direct message when Ojewumi returned to Washington, D.C.

She was initially hesitant to discuss the experience publicly, but after reading about the specific claim in the lawsuit filed by dancer Arianna Davies, who has a disability, she decided that she would share more. According to the lawsuit, Davis was fired because she recorded a meeting due to an eye condition which sometimes caused her to become disoriented during stressful situations.

Ojewumi stated that she received “a number of devastating messages” from Lizzo fans. Some of these were disabled. She added that “a large number of them are shocked.”

Ojewumi: “Sometimes, you want to see people prospering and thriving but you know that they may not be living up to what they preach behind the scenes.”

Aisha Street (26), was one of the Lizzo fans that shared their reactions to the news via TikTok. Aisha Street, 26, is a self-described “casual” Lizzo fan who said that the apology was not enough.

Street said, “She said too many things.” Street said, “She said too much.”

Fans have also expressed disappointment that the lawsuit prompted a wave on social media of fatphobic comments, misogynistic remarks and racist comments – directed at Lizzo and other people.

Jordan Simone, 25 years old, said that Lizzo owes her some of the 384,000 followers she has on TikTok, after Lizzo re-didtwo of her videos in 2020. She described the allegations as disappointing and said that they have exposed other Black women to harassment and hate on social media.

She said that Lizzo had been acting as a representative of the whole community. When Lizzo fell, Black women everywhere, and especially fat black women were suddenly subjected to a lot more unnecessary hatred, or caught up in the fatphobia.

A few former Lizzo employees, including Courtney Hollinquest (a former Lizzo dancer) and Quinn Wilson (the former Lizzo creative director), have also come forward to express their solidarity and share their alleged negative experiences on social media.

Hollinquest’s Instagram story, which shared her reaction to Tuesday’s news, has gone viral. Her LinkedIn profile states that she was a professional choreographer and dancer for Lizzo from August 2016 through July 2021.

Hollinquest wrote, “I’m not part of the suit — but it was my experience during my time there.” Hollinquest is credited in the video as a dancer. “Big shoutouts to the dancers that had the courage bring this issue to light.”

She has not responded to the numerous requests for comment that were made Wednesday.

Wilson, who has been credited with directing several Lizzo music videos including “Fitness”, “Juice” and others, reshared Hollinquest’s post. She said she was “echoing everything” Hollinquest had said.

Wilson, who didn’t respond to Wednesday’s requests for comments, wrote: “I applaud [sic] their courage in bringing this to the light.” “And I grieve some parts of my experience.”

Ron Zambrano , the attorney representing the former dancers, told NBC News on Thursday , that Lizzo “denies this reprehensible conduct” and only increases the emotional distress of our clients.

He said that Lizzo had failed to live up to her brand and let her fans down.

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