Los Angeles man is arrested in connection with 1982 cold case killings of Washington man. Cord around neck was found on Los Angeles man

A Los Angeles man is facing a murder charge in the 1982 cold case killing of a Washington man found stabbed to death

Authorities announced Wednesday that a Los Angeles man was arrested for the 82 murder of a Washington man who had been stabbed to death.

Spokane detectives traveled to Los Angeles on Oct. 27 to arrest Tracy Sabron Pruitt (62), in connection with the murder of Archie Rutherford. He had received a first-degree murder warrant several weeks before.


Police said that Rutherford, a 58-year-old businessman, was found dead at his home on May 25, 1982 by his wife.

Authorities said he had suffered stab wounds and a skull fracture. An electrical cord was also tied around his neck. The murder was not solved by detectives.

Spokane police said Wednesday that a man from Los Angeles was arrested in connection to the 1982 murder of a Spokane businessman. (Spokane Police Department)

Pruitt was also arrested in Ohio for an unrelated crime of rape and robbery, just a few months after Rutherford’s death. He was sentenced to 27 year imprisonment.

In California, he remains under police custody without bail and is awaiting extradition. Spokane police stated that this process could take many months as California courts decide whether or not to release him to Washington authorities. According to Los Angeles County jail records, his next court date is Nov. 30.

Investigators have yet to reveal a motive or whether Pruitt or Rutherford knew one another.

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Rutherford was a night clerk at Trade Winds Motor Hotel downtown. She also owned Rutherford’s Triple XXX drive-in restaurant with her family, The Spokesman-Review reported.

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