Louisiana police arrest 15-year old ‘out of state’ teenager who was behind a bomb threat that moved polling station

Louisiana police say they have identified a 15-year-old suspect behind a pair of bomb threats directed at a school and polling site outside New Orleans in the last week.

A New Orleans suburb police say that a “15 year-old juvenile from another state” was behind the bomb threat at a school. This attack forced Louisiana election officials Tuesday to relocate a polling station.

According to the Kenner Police Department, an investigation into the incident at Kenner Discovery School revealed that another bomb threat was also directed at the school last week.

“A juvenile arrest warrant was obtained for the crime of… False communication with the intent to cause an emergency response and… Kenner Police released a statement stating that the juvenile was being communicated false information of planned arson.

Police said that investigators were “working with the local police agency where the juvenile resides in effecting an arrest.”


On Election Day, a bomb threat was made to Kenner Discovery School in Kenner. (Google Maps)

Kenner Police stated that it also believes the bomb threat at Kenner Discovery School Tuesday morning was not election-related.


After officials directed the public to stay away from the Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy, the Audubon Elementary School was made a polling place. (Google Maps)

Patty Glaser, CEO of Discovery Schools, stated that middle and high school students were evacuated at the “Kenner Discovery Science Academy Loyola” campuses after an electronic bomb threat was made to the school. The high school demanded bitcoin payments. According to a statement obtained from WDSU.

The school was closed yesterday for Election Day. Police said that no students were present at the school.

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