LOVE AT FIRST SNIPE: Ukrainian Sniper, Evgenia Emerald, Marries Soldier She Met at Frontlines

You could probably say that she had her sights set on him.

According to The New York Post’s report,famous Ukrainian sniper Evgenia Emery — also known as the “Joan of Arc” for her country — tied the knot to a soldier she had met during the Russian invasion.

From The New York Post

Evgeniy Spianyuk, a 31-year-old sniper, and his fellow soldier Evgeniy Sktipanyuk were married Friday in Kharkiv’s forest.

Because Friday was Defenders Day, a public holiday that honors veterans and fallen soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, the wedding date was very meaningful for the couple. It was also Stipanyuk’s birthday.

The ceremony was officiated by a military general. They fell in love shortly after the war started in February.

Emerald shared the following message on Instagram: “We know that every day could end in a tragedy and we don’t want to put off living our lives.”

Read more at The New York Post:

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