Mace backs McCarthy in GOP’s debt-ceiling strategy

Rep. Nancy Mace stated Sunday that she supports a GOP strategy to forcibly a standoff on the debt ceiling if Republicans win the House in November.

CNN’s Jake Tapper in South Carolina reported that the Republican said she supported Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader for using debt-limit negotiations as leverage over Democrats to cut spending.

“I support that strategy because, at the end, Covid-19 was a time when the federal government and the state governments shut down companies. It was difficult for businesses to decide how they would keep their doors open. “The federal government just kept getting record revenues year after year and hasn’t had to face those difficult decisions,” stated Mace, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee.

On Friday, President Joe Biden declared that he would not give in to GOP demands for cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. This was in order to avoid a standoff on the debt-ceiling. On Sunday , Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chaired the Senate Budget Committee, supported Biden’s position.

Tapper asked Mace about the impact of uncertainty on the economy. Mace replied, “Well, we’ve been seeing Republicans for a decade and a quarter now talk about more responsible expenditures. We’ve been left out of the discussion about how to move the country forward by looking at the deficit spending in these bills. Every Republican was excluded from the discussion when we discussed the infrastructure bill on our house side last year.”

“So, Republicans tried to reach across the aisle and work with them, but were shut out of many of these conversations. She added that she believes this is a way forward to negotiate.

Mace also cited a bill Mace had filed earlier in the year, which sought to balance the budget within five years. She stated, “If we could achieve that, then we wouldn’t have to use the threat from the debt ceiling as an negotiating tool.”

Mace warned about Ukraine that, while the war-ravaged nation is important for American interests, the U.S. shouldn’t continue to write “blank checks” to foreign countries.

Mace also stated that the U.S. should lift the tariffs imposed upon China by the Trump administration.

Mace stated that raising tariffs makes goods more affordable for all Americans. “We must look more deeply at the supply chain, and encourage companies to possibly get out of China and return to North America.

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