Maine man killed his parents and two of their friends only days after his mother picked him up from jail: police

A man shot and killed his parents and two of their friends on Tuesday morning, just days after his mother picked him up from prison, according to Maine State Police.

Police officials reported that a Maine male shot his parents and their two friends Tuesday morning just days after his mom picked him up from jail.

Joseph Eaton (34), allegedly opened up on a highway that same day, injuring three people. Police say he was taken into custody and confessed without incident.

Cynthia Eaton, 62, picked him up on Friday from the Maine Correctional Center, Windham, after he had served a sentence of aggravated assault.

The police did not provide any information on Eaton between Friday morning and Tuesday, when his relative found the bodies of Eaton’s parents and two of their friends, who had been shot, at a house in Bowdoin about 30 miles north of Portland.

On the property, Cynthia Eaton and her husband David Eaton were declared dead, as well as two of their close friends Robert Eger, 72, and Patricia Eger 62. Three victims were found inside the house, and one was outside near a shed.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Eaton was also convicted in Maine of domestic violence assault, operating under the influence, and illegally possessing firearms in Florida.


Eaton wrote on Facebook that he was “finally over” and that he couldn’t wait to meet “so many of the people”. He began posting darker messages a few days later.

“Life is suffering as a collective.” Eaton wrote Sunday evening that “you work until the end, you fall ill, your loved ones die and you are guaranteed to have bad days.” “Life is an audition for what’s to come.”

On Tuesday, April 18 2023, a police officer stands at the intersection of Portland Street and Main Street, in Yarmouth Maine. (Michael Leonard, via AP).

He posted on Monday a video in which he seemed to be trying to tag his mom, and wrote “thanks for not giving up on me.”

Eaton, who is crying in the video, said: “A lot people look at me and think, Oh, well, it’s another, you’ll know, f—up.” Then they claim to be Christian. You cannot forgive someone or understand their situation. “You can’t give anyone a second chance.”

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Officials said that Eaton, after the Bowdoin shooting, opened fire in Yarmouth on a highway about 25 miles away because he believed he was being pursued by police. In that shooting, three people were injured: Sean Halsey (51), Justin Halsey (29), and Paige Halsey (25). Paige Halsey was still in critical conditions on Wednesday.

“I consider a series like the one that occurred yesterday as an attack against the soul of our country. It’s shocking for everyone. It’s a surprise to those who have worked in the system for decades, including myself,” Maine Department of Public Safety commissioner Michael Sauschuck told a Wednesday press conference.

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