Maine Quadruple Murder Suspect recently Released from Prison

A Maine man who police say killed four people in a home and then shot three others randomly on a busy highway had been released days earlier from prison.

BOWDOIN (Maine) — Police say a Maine man killed four people at a house and then shot randomly three other people on a busy highway had been released from prison days earlier, where he was serving time for a violation of probation, a State official said Wednesday.

Anna Black, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Maine Department of Corrections, confirmed that Joseph Eaton was released from the Maine Correctional Center, Windham on Friday. He had been sentenced there in March 2021.

Records from the state also reveal that Eaton had a criminal record that would have prohibited him from possessing a firearm.

April 19th, 2023 01:30

Four people were shot dead in Bowdoin on Tuesday. Police said that a chaotic scene ensued when shots were fired on vehicles along an interstate highway more than 20 miles away, in the town of Yarmouth. Three people were injured, one of whom was in critical condition on Wednesday.

Shannon Moss said that the investigation was still in progress.

Eaton of Bowdoin was charged with murder on four counts, but not immediately for the highway shootings. He was held in jail while waiting for a court date. A jail official told reporters Wednesday that it was not clear if the man had an attorney who could speak for him.

State police did not discuss any possible motive. The bodies were transported to the Augusta office of the state medical examiner for autopsies and positive identification.

Ian Halsey of Bowdoinham said that two cousins had been shot, and his uncle sustained shrapnel wounds in the same car. He said that one of his cousins was in a critical condition and no family member knew the shooter.

He said that his family were “just passersby at the wrong place and time.” It’s terrible what happened.

Eaton has been charged with over a half dozen crimes in the last decade. According to records, he served an eight-month prison sentence for assault. Previous convictions include aggravated assailant, a felony which would prevent him legally possessing a firearm.

Uncertainty surrounds the origin and ownership of firearms used during Tuesday’s shootings. The weapon used was not disclosed by the state police.

Seven people were shot on Tuesday, the latest victims in mass shootings across the United States. The targets of the attacks included an elementary Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, a bank in Louisville Kentucky and a Sweet Sixteen Party in a small town in Alabama .

Yellow crime tape was hung in Bowdoin where the shootings occurred. The home is flanked by trees at the end a long gravel driveway. The home was occupied by detectives and technicians who collected evidence until late Tuesday night, after the hearses had left.

A woman was seen outside her house talking to the police, before she fell to her knees in tears.

On Wednesday in Yarmouth, traffic was normal on Interstate 295 where, a day earlier, three people had been shot and the gunman apprehended.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills expressed her concern to the “families and friends of those affected by this tragedy” as well as for their loved ones.

Like the people of Maine, I’m shocked and saddened. “Acts of violence such as the ones we witnessed today have shaken our state and communities,” she said.

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