March 17, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Special Counsel Jack Smith is using intimidation tactics, casting an extremely wide net on anyone who may have seen or heard anything at Mar-A-Lago regarding Donald Trump’s presidential documents, all because Smith wants to get Trump in any way he can.

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Jack Smith, Special Counsel, uses intimidation tactics to target anyone who might have seen or heard anything at Mar-A-Lago concerning Donald Trump’s presidential papers. Smith wants Trump to be as successful as possible. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is also looking for a new legal argument against Trump to indict him. It will be a disaster in the country’s future for many decades if Trump is indicted. Hunter Biden is now suing the Delaware computer technician who gave Hunter Biden’s files over to the FBI. He claimed that he had a reasonable expectation for privacy. Although Hunter lost his laptop when he didn’t return to pick it up, Delaware juries and courts are generous enough to allow him to try. It is shocking to see the difference in Donald Trump’s treatment compared with the Biden Crime Familie. The war crimes committed by Russia, Vladimir Putin and other countries are just as grave as the genocide in Rwanda and the holocaust of World War 2. The media is not paying attention to what Putin is doing to Ukraine’s people. Putin is a war criminal. While it’s one thing for the ICC to be a court that is specialized in cases like the Nuremburg trial, having a permanent court that can handle cases outside of our jurisdiction means that they could also drag American presidents and soldiers before that court. Later, Mark talks with Steve Miller from Real Clear Investigations about leftist organizations spending more than a billion dollars in order to control public elections.


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CNN facts checks Biden and calls him out on his LIES

Scott Olson, photo

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