March 26th, 2022

The White House did not respond to Wednesday’s Mark Levin show about the Diesel shortage. This is because this administration’s policies are responsible for these problems. To put our economy in recession, the Biden administration used climate change lies. Because they are aware that climate change is not a winning issue at election time, no Democrats are now running on it. Later, Kelly Tshibaka, the Alaskan Senate candidate, calls in to talk about her efforts to unseat Sen. Lisa Murkowski (41 years). Tshibaka mentioned Sen. Because Tshibaka is a conservative, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell worked harder to stop Murkowski’s campaign. After the meeting, Adam Laxalt, former Nevada Attorney General, calls to discuss his US Senate campaign. Laxalt pointed out that Democrats have spent an unprecedented $90 million to defeat him so far. He has pledged to continue pushing until the end, especially considering he is ahead in the latest polls.

PJ Media

The Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis could Soon Cripple America in Ways Never Before SEEN (October 21, 2022).


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Epoch Times

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Epoch Times

Dozens Of Former Charlie Crist Staffers & Colleagues Support Ron DeSantis as Governor

Photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times

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