MARCH SADNESS – Kamala Booed at Her Alma Mater’s Basketball Game

Iowa not crazy about Ms.

Iowa not crazy about Ms. Harris.

According to The New York Post’s report, Kamal Harris,Vice president, was heckled inside Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa, while she watched her alma mater Howard University lose in the first round NCAA Tournament.

The cringe also carried into the locker room.

Harris exclaimed, “You guys were so good, you guys guys are so great,” as she met the team. Harris gave them a round if applause. You made us all proud.

“You are intelligent. You are disciplined. Harris stated that you put all your effort into the game. Harris said, “And you know that’s exactly what it’s all about. You guys kept going until the end, and you never stopped. That is inspiring. Keep playing, keep your head up, and your shoulders back. It’s because you have shown the world who Bison really are.”

Before giving a tour of White House to her group of young men, she stated, “You make us so proud.”

See the video below:

Read more at The New York Post:

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