Massachusetts mom killed 3 children in ‘well-planned’ attack, prosecutors claim

Prosecutors allege Lindsay Clancy of Massachusetts thoroughly planned her children's triple homicide — though the defense has consistently blamed her rapidly deteriorating mental state.

At her Tuesday arraignment, a prosecutor stated that a Massachusetts woman used exercise band to strangle her children and husband in their family home.

Lindsay Clancy, 32 years old, pleaded not guilty to three counts each of murder and strangulation, and three counts each of assault and battery using a dangerous weapon.

Clancy was wearing a surgical mask to cover her face as she appeared in Plymouth District Court remote from the hospital. She is currently recovering from spinal injuries sustained when she jumped from the window of her home. Her defense attorney stated that she will probably never be able to walk again.


Judge John Canavan III didn’t set bail or send her into jail. He ordered that she stay in the hospital until she is able to move to rehabilitation.

When the judge asked her if she wanted to hear the proceedings, she did not speak other than to say “Yes your honor”,

Both the prosecution and defense presented very different pictures of Clancy, a Massachusetts General Hospital labor and delivery nurse, in the weeks and months before she allegedly assaulted her children at the Duxbury family home.

Their father found the children with their exercise bands still attached to their necks and they were able to find them. Cora, 5 and Dawson, 3 were both declared dead at the hospital. Callan, aged 7 months, was also admitted to the hospital. Doctors restored his pulse, but were unable to restore brain activity. He died several days later, prosecutors said.

The death of the victims shocked the small coastal town located 30 miles south-east of Boston.

Prosecutors claim Lindsay Clancy, a Massachusetts resident, murdered her children in “well-planned assassination”. ” (David Ryan/The Boston Globe via AP Pool)

According to the prosecution, Clancy behaved normal and seemed normal to all people she interacted with including her mother and her husband.

Prosecutor Jennifer Sprague stated that on the day of the murders, she asked her husband if he wanted to order takeout. She then went online to calculate how long it would take for him to reach the restaurant and get the medicine for the children at his pharmacy.

“She planned these murders and gave herself the privacy and time to do them. Then she strangled each child at the place they should feel the most secure — at home with Mom,” Sprague stated. “She did it with deliberate premeditation and extreme atrocity.

Kevin Reddington, a defense attorney, has stated that he is planning an insanity defence. He painted a picture showing a woman with mental illness who was prescribed around a dozen medications to manage it.


He said, “This isn’t a situation, your honour, that was planned by anyone.” “This was clearly a result of mental illness. Clancy could have suffered from post-partum depression, or post-partum psychosis according to him.

Reddington has hired a psychologist for an evaluation of her.

The prosecution countered by pointing out that Clancy had been previously evaluated by mental health professionals and told she didn’t have post-partum depressive symptoms or any signs.

Patrick Clancy, Clancy’s husband forgave his wife by posting a message on a fundraising website to help with funeral costs, legal aid, and medical bills.


He wrote, “She’s been recently portrayed largely by people that have never met Lindsay and never known who she was.” Our marriage was amazing and diametrically strengthened as her condition rapidly worsened. “I took the same pride in being her husband and felt incredibly lucky to have her in our lives.”

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