May 25th 2023

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, we cannot afford to cave into Joe Biden and the radical Marxists with their out of control spending and budget.

Mark Levin said on Thursday that we could not afford to give in to Joe Biden’s radical Marxists and their budget and spending out of control. We know that the spending sprees are aimed at increasing the Federal Bureaucracy, which will help Democrats and punish Republicans. Republicans have stood firm so far and are needed now more than ever. The Democrat mob has threatened violence if their budget is not paid for. Leftists are not upset that Social Security and Medicare will be funded – they are upset because they won’t get the funding they need for their radical budget of $7 trillion. Gary Shapley, an IRS whistleblower, has shown a lot courage and put his career at risk to expose Hunter Biden’s preferential treatment. The Department of Justice’s senior leadership slowed down the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax crimes, because Democrats controlled the levers of prosecution power. The Department of Justice has been slapping the book on anyone who was involved in the January 6th protests, but is reducing sentences for Democrat demonstrators using Molotov Cocktails. Mark then speaks to ZOA President Mort klein about the Biden Administration’s destructive strategy against anti-Semitism, and hatred of Israel. Brent Bozell of Media Research Center joins Mark to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s use of federal funds to attack Christian groups and compare conservatives with Nazis.

The Federalist

Taxpayers spend billions of dollars annually on a bogus welfare racket

Daily Mail

IRS whistleblower claims Hunter Biden received preferential treatment in tax probe

The Blaze

IRS Chief responds to claims of whistleblower reprisal: “IRS follows Justice Department direction”

Fox News

Arkansas Man who Put Feet on Nancy Pelosi’s Desk during Capitol Protest Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison


Oath Keepers’ founder Stewart Rhodes is sentenced to 18-years for seditious conspiracies in the Jan. 6th attack

Wall St Journal

The Founder of Oathkeepers to be Sentenced in the Attack on Jan. 6,


Seven felonies charged against lawyers in Molotov cocktail attack are released on bail (July, 2020)

Molotov cocktail lawyers plead guilty and prepare to fight terrorist enhancement at sentencing (October 2020).

Washington Post

56 former prosecutors support bail for lawyers accused in throwing molotov cocktails at police vehicles (June 2020).


The Biden Justice department’s shameful pandering to bomb-throwing Rioters (June 2020)

Daily Wire

Biden DOJ wants reduced sentence for leftist lawyers who used Molotov Cocktails to target police van during protest (June 2020)


ZOA Criticizes Biden Antisemitism Strategy for Embracing Dangerous Antisemitism Definition & For Not Calling Out Islamists & Antisemites

Fox News

Documents reveal DHS dirty tricks operation that attacked Christians and conservatives, and linked them to Nazis

Photo taken by Drew Angerer

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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin is here. 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. Let me say to the Republicans of the House and Senate that if we hold our line, Biden will have spent trillions upon trillions of dollars, and this country is on a path to bankruptcy. Let’s forget about full faith, I’m talking bankruptcy. The endless printing of currency has already led to inflation. These old black and white movies were wheelbarrows that people pushed around with paper. Interest rates and interest payments made by the federal government are now greater than defense expenditure. When did we give this country over to AOC and Marxists? Biden, the unintelligent who runs by executive order and spends money up to $1,000,000,000,000 without authorization from Congress on student loan forgiveness. When did we start doing that? Let me tell you another thing. Even the fake business reporters are telling lies. Every month, this government receives approximately $350 billion. Washington can’t change that. Taxpayers. Small businesses. Individuals. Big businesses. Federal income taxes, corporate income taxes, capital gains taxes. You pay every week. You pay every two weeks. You pay every two weeks. You pay every quarter. They behave like this. The money isn’t coming in. They are claiming that Social Security does not have a trust. I thought that it did. They stole the money if there is no trust fund. You pay Social Security separately from all other payments. It’s a trust fund. The same goes for Medicare. Wasn’t this what they said? Where is the money? They don’t know what they are doing. They get behind their microphones, and say that Social Security will not be paid. Why? Why is Medicare not being paid? What happened to trust fund? Why? What have you done with the trust fund? What have you done with my money? This is not insurance. Veterans benefits will not be paid. Wait a minute. I thought we made a deal. You are in the military, and they set money aside for your benefit. The money is not supposed to come from the general operating funds. What is going on? The first of June is not a date for anything. This is number one. We cannot as a nation cave in to Joe Biden or the Marxists. You have to draw the line at some point. As I wrote, I understood a bit of this and also a bit of that. Reagan said, “You can have 80% of what you want.” Okay, let’s get 80%. We know what Biden and Democrats want to do with the country, so let’s not allow them to. We know that these huge spending deals or expenditures are meant to give the Democrat Party the power to expand Washington. Washington is a tool of the Democrat Party. The bureaucracy is in the service of the Democrat Party. You’re sick of paying for increased budgets to the FBI and intelligence agencies, but there is no accountability. Even today, they are giving the finger to Chairman Comar who wants to know about the FBI document on Biden, or at least knows what it contains. Maybe the government should close down. Perhaps that’s all there is to it. Up until today, I’ll say that the Republicans did a great job explaining to the American public who was responsible for what. It is time to put the blame where it belongs, at the feet and shoulders of the Democrat Party. Today, I notice that some Marxists, and members of the Democrat Party, are saying “oh, let’s take to the street.” We were the ones who first found that clip. We were the first to find it. We played it. The mob threatens to use violence if we don’t give them our money. This will only work a few times, if ever. The people are tired of this. God knows I’m sick and tired of it. We can do it, America. We can do it. Conservatives, we can do it. Republicans, please, once, in your life, hold on. Try it. Try it. It’s one of many reasons why we like Trump, and yes, it is also one of several reasons why we like Reagan. Leadership is what it’s all about. You can call it statesmanship. Do not be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Usually, the right thing will happen. We’ll be keeping an eye on it. Keep a close watch on this. Right now, everyone is ducking us. They don’t even want to be on the show. All of them are ducking me. That’s okay. I won’t be going anywhere. DeSantis’ appearance on my show yesterday was good and important. We will only allow serious candidates, and not anyone else. You’re right, I am now running against Brent on the show. We do that here. You can call it free speech. You don’t agree? Don’t listen. As we always do, we will link to the campaign websites of those candidates. We will always put Donald Trump’s videos up because we like Donald Trump. But nobody is going to threaten us, and the mob won’t impress us. I will do what I have always done. You know, I find it interesting. We looked at many of the comments and found that they were mostly bots. We don’t understand how they manage to do this, but it’s possible. Rush would talk about it when they tried to get him off air. Social media suddenly becomes popular. People suddenly sign up for social media. They don’t have a history. There are thousands of them, but they only have a single line. They don’t have a history. Some of you are fools. This is not the audience I am talking about. You’ve got Lucky Luciano a.k.a. Michael Luciano on Mediocre. Right. He grabs some of the comments. Anyone can do it. This is not journalism. This is just a left-wing swineball doing what he’s supposed to do. Take a look at this. Mark’s decision to sign a hyperlink to his donation page has upset people. We linked to the page which led directly to his donation page. I won’t sit here and worry about anything. What’s the point? What? We do it, I do it. The sludge reports picked that up. Who has gone radical left? Who hates Trump and hates to admit it. This is why Republicans hate you. The Daily Beast picked it up. Another left-wing, poisonous website. The Huffington Post picked it up. You can see the way that mobs work. Yet I was contacted directly by the inner circle of Trump’s people. We’re not concerned about anything. We’re not to blame. You have a few. Shooting out of the hip. The best they could come up with was comments. Not Loomer is a Florida lunatic. Everybody. Mark. Can I join you on your show, Mark? Mark, will you support my candidacy? Mark. Mark, are you there? How? Get lost. Loser. She is not the only loser. We will start by dealing with each one individually. Next week I’ll be bringing you another. All that being said. Stay firm. Stay firm. You may be surprised by the results. Why are there Biden crime families? At least I would like to thank CBS Evening News that they did something about it. But it’s very. What’s Asa Hutchinson up to on TV, Mr. producer? He said it was time for fresh blood. He’s been in politics all his life. It’s time to go to Asia. The entire juggernaut has moved. This IRS whistleblower is a man of great courage. He has put his career at risk. He is not a thief. He is not searching for anything. He tried to use the whistleblower rap but the Democrats wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Gary Sharp is his name. Lee has made his face and name known. Contrary to the fraud. Fraud whistleblower from the Ukraine case. Oh, shit, Eric. Whatever. The New York Times doesn’t say much. It’s like it’s secret nuclear information. No, no, Washington. Oh no! Don’t mention his name. Adam Schiff has told us the truth. Do not reveal your name in this case. We can tell you his name. Sharp, shapely is rather his name that is of Mr. We are both. I think that it is shapely, as in shapely. Why? I’m going to have a short break. You must hear what I’m saying. Excuse me. The Democrats aren’t even aware of it. The Democrats have no issue with it. The IRS has full weaponization. The FBI has been fully weaponized. The DOJ has fully weaponized. DHS has been fully weaponized. The government is largely armed against you and I. This is yet another reason you do not bow to Biden. Take your 80%. Don’t give up 80%. This is a different story. You might not want to give this information either, depending on the 80%. Details are important. Stand firm. Be firm. You will win. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

You can tell if someone is a robot by clicking on them. You click who? You click on who? It’s almost empty when you look at it. They’re bots. The bots have been released and they are now saying that all the money has gone to Ukraine. You Russian bastards. You can’t convince anyone here. Nobody. I am Russian, but have nothing to do these people. You can trust me. In fact, it was necessary for me to leave Russia. This is neither here nor there. These phony websites, I mean they just stay out. Yes, all that money was sent to Ukraine. It’s trillions upon trillions of dollars. We’d better keep our focus or we could be in for a big mess. What if we stop funding the God knows where the money is going? The racism industry funding and pushing CRT, ESG, and DEA through our bureaucracy. Why don’t we try to get our money back? After all, it’s our money. Subsidies for these phony companies. Some of the Climate Change Green New Deal Companies are not even real yet. We will now spend tens and tens billions on this. Now they say: Oh, we cannot pay Social Security beneficiaries. They might be as clear to me as I am. America. AOC, God bless them or whatever else they call themselves, is the reason why AOC and the other progressives from Seattle are not as popular as the others. It’s quite simple. Social Security or Medicare are not the reason. They could care less about the American people. They are Marxists. We fund their agenda. That’s why. We are funding their damned revolution. Your money will be used to fund the destruction of your country and the empowerment of the Democrat Party. You’re telling that federal bureaucracy cannot even take a blow. They should expand it. Expansion of the FBI, IRS and intelligence agencies. They’ve done a great job in expanding DHS. And I’m certainly not referring to ICE within the Border Patrol. You know what I mean? Washington, D.C., where they are seated on their arses before computers. We are working with Twitter to censor us. Oh, yes. There’s nothing you can cut. There is nothing to be cut. There is nothing that can be cut in a budget of $7 trillion. Then they. They held a gun up to our heads. We won’t vote for it if you increase defense and cut domestic expenditures. This is exactly what must be done. The rise of Communist China. Every day, the Marxist Party and the Democrat Party as well as the media reveal themselves. Every day, the Democrat Party reveals its true colors. It wasn’t something I had planned, but I did, and it was a good thing I did. Gary Shapely is the IRS whistleblower, who has now been publicly identified, and will be speaking when I return. He has a shocking story to share. I’ll be back.

Segment 3

The IRS is a big issue. I will start with this. Today, the Islamo Nazi regime of Tehran successfully launched a practice ballistic missile. This is a ballistic missile which can carry a nuclear warhead and reach its target. I’m not there, but I think they are meeting in the Israeli government right now. What kind of preventive action to take. This can happen at any time, whether it is a weekday or a day. It’s not our concern. It’s a long way away. It’s an 11-hour flight. On a good day, that would be ten and half hours. Why is this our concern if Ukraine is our business? You know that I am asking this question. Discussion and debate. Not today. Not today. I was wondering if we could get out of Nardo. Should we cancel all our military agreements? NATO is a treaty. We have military agreements with Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. With Israel and other nations, we have military agreements but not treaties. NATO is a treaty that has kept the peace pretty much since the end World War II in 1948. It’s because little European countries cannot defend themselves from big, bad Russia or China. The idea, which is working, is to aggregate the countries, their resources, their defenses, etc., in order to make it less likely for anyone else be invaded. We should withdraw from NATO because Ukraine isn’t a member. Donald Trump has increased funding. What happens next? Poland’s attacked. Hello. It’s none of our business. That’s the only candidate running in Florida. When Ron DeSantis invited me to moderate debates for some congressional races, he asked me to moderate some debates. I forgot his name but he seemed like a Rand Paul follower. He could have been a boomer or a nationalist. He said that Poland had invaded the problem of Poland. So there you go. The logic that only leads in one direction, is bad only if the national security interests of America are at stake. Isn’t this the constant debate? This is the prudential. This is the debate. You can’t claim that this is your policy. This is the debate. Gary SHAPLEY is a senior criminal investigator and supervisor of a unit which was initially assigned to the Hunter Biden investigation but has been removed. Listen to this. Last night, CBS Evening News broadcast this. Jim Axelrod is interviewing the subject. Go ahead. Gary SHAPLEY has been a supervisory agent at the IRS for 14 years. He was assigned a “high-profile investigation” in January 2020. Who is the subject of this investigation? I cannot confirm or deny this. This investigation is about. Why not? You know, a part of tax secrecy law doesn’t allow that. Can’t say. CBS News learned that the investigation was conducted by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware appointed by Trump. It’s not because I like that Trump appointed U.S. Attorney, Senior Biden Administration. If this U.S. Attorney wasn’t doing as Biden wanted him to, he would be fired without consequences because Biden knew who was going to do the wrong thing. The Attorney General himself would fire him. Let’s not play games anymore. Go ahead. Vow to let the investigation run its course. This investigation is not limited in any way. CBS News obtained a letter that Chapo’s attorneys sent to Congress on Monday, alleging irregularities with DOJ’s handling the investigation. SHAPLEY wants legal protection from Congress to share details of his accusations. The Department of Justice directed a number of steps to be taken. Have you encountered this before? No, I’ve never seen that before. These deviations are not normal. Each and every time, it appeared to benefit the subject. SHAPLEY claims he decided blow the whistle following a heated discussion with federal prosecutors in October last year. This was my “red line” meeting. The switch had to be always on and I couldn’t ignore my conscience anymore. Did you tell the prosecutors that you were unhappy? I’m not sure I can answer this. Hunter Biden denied all wrongdoing. The IRS agent, like civil servants in the past, told us that he was a Republican. A group that has a history of ties with the GOP is helping him in his whistleblowing. SHAPLEY, however, says that this is not the case. Continue. Why? Why do you do this with GOP material? You don’t do this with Democrats. Eric, tell me, which media outlet or The New York Times will not mention the name of that person in connection with the Ukraine impeachment. You didn’t tell us even his name or his affiliations. We learned he is a big-time Democrat. But go ahead. Our politics Why are you interested in navigating these waters? I don’t wish to do anything of the sort. After I took my oath, I was shocked by the severity of some of the things I had to do. It’s something I don’t want to do. I feel compelled to act. The IRS said it couldn’t comment on individual cases but was committed to supporting whistleblowers generally. The DOJ as well as the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware declined comment. Hmm. We declined to comment. You can’t even have any paper. We have all the sources, methods and information we need. Blase Media has also released this video. IRS Chief responds to Whistleblower Allegations. He stated that IRS follows the directions of the Department of Justice. You can now see what is happening in America. The so-called senior leadership of the Department of Justice consists of the Attorney General, the deputy Attorney general, and the rest of them. At least two IRS whistleblowers exist. You just heard about one, a supervisory criminal special agent. They claim that the Justice Department interfered with a high-profile criminal investigation, but the attorneys who represent the supervisory special agent were careful to not name the subject. Hunter Biden is believed to have responded to accusations of internal retaliation by IRS whistleblowers. The IRS chief wrote a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee on May 17, denying these accusations. He also said that the Department of Justice was responsible for the actions taken against the whistleblower last month. I quote, “I want to be clear that I did not interfere and I will not interfere in any way which would affect the status of any whistleblower.” Why wrote the committee. The IRS whistleblower referred to by you alleges that their new work assignment was made at the Department of Justice’s direction as a matter of generality, not with reference to a specific case. It is important to note that the IRS will follow the Department of Justice’s direction in all matters involving federal judicial proceeding. Do you believe that the Department of Justice deserves more funding in this budget fight? America, and especially the prosecutors. This admission confirms what the lawyers of the supervisory agent revealed last week. Mark Lytle, Tristan Leavitt and others told Congress that the Hunter Biden investigation was handled by a team of investigators who were removed from the case. Today, they said that the IRS criminal supervision special agent we represented was informed by his team of investigators and himself that he is a Republican. America is being excluded from the sensitive and ongoing investigation into the controversial, high-profile subject. Our clients wanted to inform Congress about the subject. He was informed. The Department of Justice requested the change. You have the answer, America. What now? What now? What now? They control the levers. I did a Blaze special with my friend Glenn Beck and we talked at length about the things that could be done. And I. Or, repeat what I have said. In our towns and countys, we have prosecutors. We have prosecutors in each of our states. Why don’t they have Hunter Biden in their sights? Each of his crimes is a federal crime, but not a local or state one. Seriously. They got Alan Bragg who has twisted our laws into pretzels. You got Tish. What is her name again? Letitia James Tish. Tish. Page two trash is what it is. She should be barred for what she did. So far, however, no Republican prosecutor is stepping up. Not one. Pretty incredible, if you ask me. This is also a very interesting time for the Mark Levin Radio Show Syndication. In the coming weeks, we may be involved in an argument. I will inform you. You will be able to see all of my platforms. We shall see. We shall see. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 4

Why, then, would Joe Biden reduce the budget, when the Democrats demand tax increases now? In the middle an inflationary phase. Instead of reducing taxes to allow the economy to grow, the Fed must do its job by increasing interest rates in order to control currency. Now the Democrats, who have put us in a bad position, are demanding higher taxes. How many people can you afford to pay a higher tax right now? You know, not only the wealthy will be affected. How many of you are able to pay for a tax hike right now, on top of the 87,000 IRS agents who are roaming around the country looking for people they can brutalize? How many of us can afford to pay more taxes right now? That’s what Jayapal, I, and the rest of us are demanding. Communist China is rising. They spend like drunken Marxists, because that is what they are. And they’re moving. They are on the move. Bernie Sanders and Jayapal have announced, insisting, that they will spend trillions of dollars more. Trillions in wealth redistribution, trillions for radical left-wing groups, not for border security, not for military buildup. No, no. They need trillions more. That’s not going to go down well. I don’t believe so. That’s. It’s not very helpful. Do you believe he is the economics and so on. Biden’s problem is that he decided to be a chameleon. He has been called a political hack at street level. He is a chameleon. He pretends to be a part of the civil right movement. He was a part of the racist segregationist movement in the early 1970s. We have records for this. We do not have records of his civil rights activities. He’s also a liar. He then decided that he wanted the presidency, so he changed his name to Bernie Sanders. When you are a genuinely stupid person with a low-IQ and want to leave a legacy, it’s easy to become FDR. That’s another story I told earlier this week or last. Now. Biden. Biden will tell us: You don’t see anything to cut. Here, we can’t do anything. We’re on mission. Biden has accepted the Full Monty. The full Monty of Marxist agenda, and those around him are as radical as hell. They only have physical, ideological or gender credentials. Would you, Mr. producer, want to read the qualifications of the Biden administration and their resumes? Recently, I had my you-know-what removed. By the way, I attended Harvard myself. Put that guy. Obviously, you should put him at the top. I’ll be back in a moment.

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