May 31st 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the trajectory of the GOP is very dire.

Mark Levin’s show on Wednesday revealed that the GOP is headed in a very bad direction. The debt ceiling agreement, which will be voted on tonight by the House is likely to pass. What will conservatives do in the Senate? What will the conservatives do to slow it down? Offer amends? We’ll watch and wait. Could the House GOP’s deal have been better? If they had waited another month or two, perhaps to have more time to investigate some of the scandals that keep making headlines. Rep. Andy Biggs spoke this morning about the anger that members of the House GOP feel towards Speaker McCarthy and the debt limit vote. He said he didn’t know the future for McCarthy. Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House, told Sean Hannity on Sunday night that debt negotiations were like playing chess and not checkers. McCarthy, according to the former speaker, was able shift power from the Senate and White House. This is similar to what occurred under Gingrich’s leadership in 1995. Mark Meckler of the Convention of States, who is the president of the convention of states called Mark to discuss the idea of such a convention of state, which Meckler said would not fly in Washington, DC. The LA Dodgers made headlines last week for refusing to discuss the re-invitation to an anti-Catholic Drag Queen group they’re partnered with and cancelling a meeting with Catholic leaders. Meanwhile, Christianity and Judaism is under attack. Julie Kelly, Senior Editor at American Greatness, called in to discuss her access to the tapes of January 6th.

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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello America. Mark Levin here is our number: 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. What’s this? This is going to be voted on tonight around 8 pm, I was told. This deal is likely to pass through the House, and then go to the Senate. There are conservatives, right? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and our friend Mike Lee are libertarians. Other libertarians exist. J.D. Vance, I know you have the list. What will they decide? They’ll be the minority. They can still slow down the vote. They can slow down the voting. They can propose amendments. They can do other things in the Senate than you can in the House. What will they do then? We’ll keep an eye on them. Watch what they do. Not that I need to repeat it, but just to be clear. I wouldn’t vote for that. Why? They should have fought for another month or two. They had so much time. It was unlikely that there would be a default, and they could probably negotiate a better offer. Here’s where I disagree with some. These attacks against Kevin McCarthy are bizarre. This morning, think about it. In four months. He has seen a number of bills pass through a tight-knit house. One after the other, we have had bills on parental rights, the wall, and border security. They go to the Senate, and die there. The Republicans are really doing nothing. Do nothings is especially intimate. Come. He got a majority for an initial proposal. The Senate passed the bill to the Senate. The White House was the first to know. The Senate has not done anything. They could have voted. Why didn’t the vote? They didn’t do anything. Although 43 Republican Senators signed a letter in support of the Republican proposal, there was no clamoring for a vote. Biden sat in his chair, hoping the Republicans would budge. They didn’t. So, the negotiations began, in their truncated state. The Republicans in the House are the only ones who have any credibility. McCarthy. So his negotiators work on this deal. It’s back. Some people are happy. Some people are happy. Some people don’t know who they are. In this process. The House’s bill was never going to be law. The Senate refused to take it up. Biden refused to agree. The House Republicans cannot enforce this by themselves. The argument is then. Could they have gotten a better offer? They could have gotten a better deal if they had been patient. We have two committees now in Congress. One is headed by Jordan and the other by Kobe. We are working really, really hard. Julie Kelly can be on our three-person show to help us. Peel back the onion to some of these scandals. They’re not going to give up. They do not have the right to bring anyone to court. They wouldn’t use it. They’ve covered only a small portion of the problem so far. It’s another matter whether the American people have insurance or not. When you consider that there is a very small minority of Republicans in the House, and the House’s responsibility under Article 1, it has been quite active and conservative. In this case, it is not enough. Now I’m seeing our friends. One of them is someone I’ll debate tomorrow night. They are so excited. This proves Kevin McCarthy’s terribleness in a sense. You hear it from both pseudo-conservatives and real conservatives. I thought to myself. Who else would do something? It’s perplexing. No one else could have been the speaker for the Republican side. These are the facts. You can ignore facts. These are the facts. Nobody. Biden is there to negotiate. You can go over there and negotiate with Biden. There won’t be enough votes in the House of Representatives. It’s the way it is today. It’s broken. It’s not working. It does not work. McCarthy can be criticized all they like. Why? It’s free. It’s free. I’ve already said that I wouldn’t vote for it. In January, I said that if McCarthy did something I didn’t agree with, I would say sir. And I said it. McCarthy is not the villain in this case. This system has existed for over a decade. Finally, we are going to draw the line. How? The system is not fixable. Inside Washington. Anyone who claims a can of soda is lying. There are a few ways to deal with the situation and to contain it a little. There are ways to limit it but the Democrats will still win the House. The Senate and the Presidency. There will be very few ways to stop this. Few ways will exist to stop them. Mark Meckler will be on my program in an hour to discuss what is needed, both on the political and constitution side. It is much more fundamental. Then, rather than beating ourselves up endlessly over this issue and we can somewhat beat it, I got the idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this debate was held at every state convention, day after day? Why don’t conservatives bring it up? If you can crack open the freedom and tyranny. Many, many, years ago. What I’m saying is this. What can you do? What can you do? I do not pretend to know all the answers. The act of writing a novel limits what can be said at any one time. However, I have a few thoughts. The Conservative needs to become more involved in public affairs. He is a man of nature who loves to let life go, care for his family, volunteer at his church or synagogue and quietly help a neighbor, friend, or stranger. All of these qualities are admirable and contribute to the health of a community. It’s not enough. The counter-revolution of the statists. The Marxists. This is where we are now. Has turned public affairs and puppet government against civil society. The statists can no longer be allowed to control them, as is the case in most cases today. It will take a new, larger, more shrewd and articulate generation of conservatives to counter the statist counterrevolution. Not by copying it, but by slowly and steadily reversing course. Conservatives will have to be more active than ever before in seeking elected and appointed positions, working in the administrative state and in the public schools, universities and media. These institutions are not owned by the status and conservatives must fight to protect them. They should also be informed and, if necessary, eliminated if they threaten the civil society. Don’t give up the bureaucracy. The different divisions, agencies, and departments should not surrender their culture. These people. Take them over, infiltrate, join them. This is important. This is important. I also mention the administrative state. I go into more detail about this in my book. But these are proposals to sunset all federal agencies that are independent every year, subject to Congress. I then propose to affirmatively restore them. I also want federal departments to reimburse businesses and individuals for the cost of devaluing their private property due to regulations. The federal government is compromising the use of property and eliminating unions. The list is endless. Unfortunately, the majority of these things cannot be implemented in today’s system. Alexis de Tocqueville forewarned about it. The endless complexity of court challenges. You have courts that are activist, and bureaucracies that make laws. Congress can be either. A attentiveness or attentiveness in a manner that is contrary of constitutional limitations. When the Democrats and the Democrats control the media, it is basically a mouthpiece of the state. Even when they are out of office. There’s something else we can do. There must be another way. There must be a better way. There is. She. There are people who think they can come up with new ideas and principles that haven’t been thought of by the great thinkers of the past thousands of years. Most of these people haven’t accomplished a thing. They only write about their thoughts. We can hear what’s going on behind the microphone. We have been involved with grassroots movements such as the Tea Party. Parents’ movement. Convention of States We have looked for concrete and real ways. Face their findings. Our politics, our culture and national problems. We do more than just publish white papers and write columns. We do more than just take part in debates. We’re so blue we can’t even see straight. We are trying to make a difference. Even if their dreams were realized, they would still be happy. I would love it if they did. We must fight the trajectory at all levels and in all ways. The republic. It’s really bad. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

What else can we do? Liberty and tyranny are at odds with all attempts to strip the nation of their founding justification. These are God-given, unalienable rights. The government cannot grant or deny rights to an individual. Marxists want to be able to both grant and deny, which is why they are so disrespectful of or misusing faith. Faith is also the moral order which binds one generation to another, and without it, civil society can’t survive. This is number nine of the Conservative Manifesto. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx is quoted as saying that he hates family and faith. You can see the poison spreading through society. The debate tonight on Capitol Hill is important, but has nothing to do about that. We have a lot to do, excuse me. Push. I’ll be back shortly.

Segment 3

You know, there’s a second issue, people. Many of the people with whom I disagree say populism. We need more populism. I don’t like mobocracy or centralized authoritarianism. I’m into constitutionalism. Here’s why the framers were geniuses. Just 17%. Yahoo! News. Only 17% of Americans are in agreement. This is not my language but theirs. According to a recent Yahoo News YouGov survey, right-wing Republicans insist Congress should allow the U.S. to default on its loans instead of raising the debt ceiling without imposing deep spending cuts. The public prefers the bipartisan agreement struck by President Biden over the weekend with GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy by a margin of 2 to 1. This deal, which involves smaller cuts and spending freezes in exchange with a two-year debt ceiling increase, is moving through Congress despite the objections of the House Freedom Caucus. The far right, and the not so far right. The conservatives. They never use that phrase. It’s always the progressives. Yahoo News YouGov surveyed 1520 adults between May 25 and May 30. This was done both before and after Biden. McCarthy declared their agreement and asked about Republicans’ additional demands for deep cutbacks and subsequent negotiations on smaller cuts, rather than the details of the plan. They were asked what they thought about President Biden and GOP House speaker Kevin McCarthy, quoting, agreeing to lower spending cuts to raise the debt ceiling, which could be approved by a combination between Democratic and Republican votes. The vote will be at 8 pm tonight. They write that a clear consensus is emerging across party lines. In general, two times as many Americans are in favor of such a compromise. 43% of Americans say they are against 21%. While Democrats were more positive than the other groups, with 54 to 17 percent, independents and Republicans also showed greater support. In the next question, which asked how House Republicans would react if Biden refused to accept deeper Republican cuts in spending, both opposition and survey results were similar. It’s a response to 56% of Americans who say Republicans should agree to smaller spending cuts that could pass with Democratic and Republican votes (36%), or agree to raising the debt limit without cutting any spending at all. 20%. Even among Republicans, only a minority (17%) believes that the GOP should allow the US to default on its loan. In this scenario, only 27% of Republicans would be in favor of a default. Nearly twice as much would prefer smaller cuts (41%), or a debt limit increase without tightening the belt. 9%. The public is there. This is why I am not a populist. I also don’t believe in the iron fist Washington and the ruling classes. What does the Constitution say? Why do we not embrace it? So long as this kind of mindset is prevalent in the public, it will continue. This is also a problem. It’s the real deal, and I still believe that a few more months would have led to a better agreement. It’s why I’m not a Kevin McCarthy hater. I find it cheap. Cheap. He has done an awful lot of good. He’s done. He’s done. It’s a tight race between Newt Gingrich and him. Maybe in modern times. Who’s better? Who else was there? They talk about it as a “first step”. Other steps will follow. When we try to save our country, we will have to fight in many different places. This is one. No question. No question. The Constitution was largely destroyed. If we can get back our Constitution, or even the majority of it. This kind of thing is less likely to occur. This is why I wrote Liberty Amendments and why we spent an entire year discussing Liberty Amendments. Mark Meckler, the convention of states, and their millions are all reasons why. Many of my members are active and do what they do. It is because of this that former Senator Rick Santorum, who was initially an opponent, has now become a supporter. Former Senator DeMint was initially an opponent and is now a supporter. Here’s why. Tom Coburn. Tom Coburn. Join convention of states immediately and bar none. We miss him terribly. Cancer took the life of a great hero. I remember the time when Mike Farris and Mark Meckler were with me, Tom Coburn and Tom Coburn. A meeting was held at the Heritage Foundation. We tried to convince the people at that time to support a convention of states. All of us were successful. I do not know the current position of the Heritage Foundation. Sincerely, I haven’t checked, but I don’t really know. If they are in favor, I shouldn’t need to check. Right now, they should be pounding the pavement. Brother DeMint. Brother DeMint should be pounding on the table right now. The conservative institutions all should be pounding on the table right now. But they aren’t. This is very disturbing to me. Andy Biggs was Senate President in Arizona. Before joining the house. Steve Doocy is asking questions. Cut one. Go. Yesterday, we heard that at least one person had said, “This guy has to go.” What do you think will happen to Kevin McCarthy as the speaker? You know, Steve, that I cannot predict what Kevin will do. I’m aware that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction. I have been trying to spread the word about the problems I see with the bill. Kevin is a difficult person to predict. What I’m most concerned about is the future of the term. Will the speaker continue to reach out to Democrats to push his agenda? This is what really worries me. It’s something that should concern members of our conference. Do you think that, in the end, the Republicans have benefited more than the Democrats today? I’m not sure I agree. What would you do if you were Andy Biggs? You won’t be able remove Kevin McCarthy, because you are in a distinct minority. What will you do? I worked with someone who has. Mark Meadows. Mark Meadows will tell you if he is going public these days. He called me once when I defended him. Boehner was attacking him. We discuss how to do it. Because he asked, I even helped them with the writing. This is not the case. McCarthy has brought conservatives to these committees. They are on the Rules Committee. They are on all of these other committees. Everyone wants to claim it’s dead letter. It doesn’t really matter. It matters. Boehner trashed conservatism left and right. He trashed Tea Party, which gave him this massive majority in 2010. We won. What were they, 66 seats, 68 seats, or 62? It was unreal. Unbelievable. He had a large majority. McCarthy has an extremely small majority, and that’s what I blame. Mitch McConnell is next, amongst others. He’s still waiting for everyone else to take action. Then he will be Mr. No matter what happens, he will always be Mr. This is not a criticism, I am asking you. So you’re. Andy Biggs. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? McCarthy is not going to be removed. What will work then? He wrote a book in opposition to one of the many things we must continue fighting for on various fronts. Convention of states. There are all sorts of people out there. I feel that conservatives are in some cases becoming Marxists. No, no, no, no. Forget Reagan. Forget the old principles. This gnat crowd can forget all of that. They support so many things that are right here, in the realm of liberty and tyranny. It’s true. After studying this, I realized that I wasn’t familiar with it at all. When the framers gave you the Constitution, that’s not the end of it. It is a difficult mechanism. As difficult as it is. Should we promote it? It could be a good way to assist us. If you have tried everything else and it has failed, then this is the best way to help us. What is your point of view? Yes, I agree. I believe so. This isn’t directed just at one group. This is directed at us all. All Republicans are being addressed. Chip Roy is one of my closest friends on Capitol Hill. He was an early proponent of convention states. Mike Lee is another of my closest friends on Capitol Hill. Mike is the smartest person I know. In the past year, I didn’t check but Mike was against a convention of state. Why? The text is black and white in the Constitution. They say that a convention to draft a constitution is impossible. It’s the convention of stage. Before we had a Constitution, you know. Conventions were essentially meetings. They were just meetings between representatives of different states trying to figure out the best way to proceed. When they were sovereign, responsible states, they weren’t against this powerful central government. They asked, “How do we solve this?” Convention of States is exactly a state legislative, not a governor, lieutenant-governor, or courts. Signing off. Formal way to hold a meeting. In essence. Discuss possible solutions to the problems that are affecting our country. One of the biggest problems, ladies and gentleman, is that various aspects of our constitution have been changed without amendment. There are some really great ideas, and I also have a few of my own. What can we do? We’ll talk to Michaela about this in an hour. Concern needs to discuss this more. I don’t mind if you refer to yourself as a Narconon Neo-Con, a Con-Con, or a Prison Con. I don’t care. What can you identify yourself as or what kind of person are you? This is a good rallying point. I’ll be back shortly.

Segment 4

This is chess. This is chess. This is not checkers. This is not tic-tac-toe. You have to consider not only one step but also five, six, eight, or ten. In that sense, I believe Kevin McCarthy made a good deal. Most importantly, he changed the balance of power in the Senate as well as the White House. This is, in fact, a historic event comparable to the one we had in 1995. A former speaker in another prominent voice. Newt Gingrich. I have a suggestion. I have a suggestion for those Senate Republicans that aren’t happy. What was negotiated. And I am aware of several. And for those who think we could have got a better deal – use your position as a senator in the United States. Use the rules set forth by the United States Senate. Slow down the process. McCarthy is not the only one to blame. There are conservatives in both the Senate and House. I also want to encourage conservative groups. CPI. FreedomWorks. Heritage Foundation Club for Growth. All of them. I have friends at all of them. Let’s go. What are you still waiting for? We have conservatives who are in the Senate that can make amendment after amendement and try to slow down this process. Will they do it? Keep pointing to the House. The Senate hasn’t done anything. The Senate hasn’t done anything. I don’t give a damn about a 43-member letter. Let’s wait and see what they decide. Let’s watch what they do. Oh, man. You’re going to love the programming that we have planned. Mark Meckler. Next hour, we’ll have a Julie Kelley that is absolutely crucial. Hour three will bring some truly shocking news for January 6 and beyond. Stay with us. I’ll be back in a moment.

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