Memphis father arrested after apartment fire kills four children

Firefighters in Memphis, Tennessee, recovered the bodies of four young children from an apartment blaze. The children's father was detained.

Authorities in Memphis said that a Tennessee father was arrested on Wednesday, after four of his young children died in an apartment fire in which they were living.

The Memphis Fire Department reported that firefighters responded to the fire just before 3 pm at a two-story building in Washington Heights. The fire took nearly 30 minutes to put out. About fifty firefighters fought it.

Local news reports said that the fire seemed accidental. It is believed to have been caused by a faulty wiring system between the bedroom and kitchen.

Local Memphis reported that the witness tried to run in the building but was blown away by the flames.

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According to the Memphis Fire Department, four children were discovered in a bedroom back during rescue operations.

According to the fire department, four children were found dead in a bedroom at the back of a house during rescue efforts.

A fire broke out just before 3 pm on Wednesday in a two story apartment building located in Washington Heights, Memphis.

Patrick Davis, the grandfather of the children, told WREG-TV that they were Marcus, Markese Malaysia and Makayla.

(FOX13 Memphis )

He said, “It hurts me to see that my daughter is in pain. It hurts me and it hurts my entire family.”


The grandfather informed Fox13 Memphis one of the children just celebrated their birthdays a day before.

Davis stated that the mother of the children had left to run a errand, and they were at home with their father.

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Memphis Police reported that they had detained the father. However, his name and other details were not immediately disclosed. No charges were filed immediately.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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