Michigan man accused of providing support to ISIS and possessing a destructive device

Aws Mohammed Naser, a 34-year-old Michigan man, was charged with providing material support to ISIS and being a felon in possession of a destructive device.

According to the Eastern District of Michigan indictment, a Michigan man was indicted on Tuesday for providing material support to ISIS as well as being a felon possessing a destructive device.

Aws Mohammed Nasser, 34, was charged with both.

Dawn Ison, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District Michigan, stated that terrorist acts pose serious threats to the people of our District and the world. We will vigorously investigate and prosecute any person who aids terrorists.

Aws Mohammed Naer, 34, faces charges of providing material support for ISIS and being in possession of a destructive device. (Michigan Department of Corrections).

According to the indictment, Naser is accused in providing material assistance to ISIS through personnel and services.


According to reports, he supported the terrorist organization between 2011 and October 2017. He was also convicted in 2013 of an armed theft and sentenced to between three and 20 years imprisonment.

A ISIS fighter holds a banner and a weapon in a street in Mosul on June 23, 2014. (Reuters)

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According to the Detroit News, Naser pepper-sprayed an Oakland County worker at a gas station, then he stole money from a register and fled the scene.

Naser could spend up to 20 years prison for material support to ISIS, and as much as 15 years for possessing a destructive device.

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