Michigan man sentenced for 6 years after placing bombs outside phone shops. He was angry at ‘immoral content.

A Michigan man was accused of putting bombs outside of phone stores because he was upset with "immoral content" on phones. He has been sentenced to more than six years in prison.

A man from northern Michigan was sentenced Wednesday for more than six years to prison after he claimed he set pipe bombs in front of phone shops because he was angry at “immoral content” displayed on TV and phones.

John D. Allen’s crimes, “extortion” and “attempted destruction of cellphone shops were extremely dangerous,” J. Michael Buckley, Assistant U.S. attorney, stated in a court filing.

Allen, aged 76, was charged with placing explosives and threatening letters outside Sault Ste. Marie and Cheboygan. The boxes contained the words “HJ” (Handcuff Johnny) and “Handcuff Marie”, which are apparently all references to Allen. Nobody was hurt.


Allen, who resides in Whittemore pleaded guilty at the extortion hearing and to attempted destruction of a property.

Because he planted bombs and threatened notes outside of telephone shops, a Michigan man was sentenced to six years imprisonment. He was angry at “immoral content” found on televisions and phones.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Ludington, Bay City, sentenced him to 6 1/2 years imprisonment

Stevens Jacobs, defense attorney, stated in a court file.

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Allen will be credited for more than one year of custody time.

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