MIGRANT MADNESS! TX Rep. Shares Video of Border Patrol Facility at Six Times Capacity [WATCH]

The office of Texas Rep.

The office of Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales shared shocking video footage late last week of an over-crowded Border Patrol facility in El Paso —the facility was packed six times over capacity.

Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin shared the footage on Twitter.

“NEW: Video courtesy of TX Congressman @RepTonyGonzales office shows significant overcrowding in Border Patrol’s Central Processing Center in El Paso, TX on Friday. He says they have a max capacity of around 1,000, but there were 6,000 that day. This room capacity 120, but had 750,” Melugin wrote.

Watch the video above.

From The New York Post:

US Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) shared the footage of the crowd of mostly men standing amid makeshift beds in the 120-person room Friday.

He said the Central Processing Center handled about 6,000 migrants that day despite its maximum capacity of 1,000.

During a press conference about the crisis after the end of the pandemic-era Title 42, the congressman called it an “astronomical number.”

“A cell that is supposed to hold 90 people was holding 400 to 500,” he said, KFOX reported. “These are not good conditions.”

Under Title 42, migrants could be more easily and quickly booted from the US.

Gonzales said President Biden must send immigration judges to El Paso to handle asylum cases so migrants don’t have to wait years to appear in court.

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is doing its part in repelling the influx of migrants attempting to cross the southern border.

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