Mississippi police arrest suspect in Church Arson. A Democrat called it ‘tactic for suppressing’ votes

Mississippi police arrest suspect in Church Arson. A Democrat called it 'tactic for suppressing' votes
Mississippi police arrested a suspect associated with several fires around Jackson, including two churches. One Democrat Congressional candidate said it was an attempt to suppress votes.

A 23-year-old suspect was arrested by police in Mississippi for being associated with seven fires in Jackson. Two of the fires were at churches in what one Democrat Congressional candidate called an effort to suppress votes.

One of the two churches that were set on fire was also destroyed by the flames. All fires were started around Jackson on Tuesday morning.

Shuwaski Young, a former candidate in Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District said the fire was an attempt suppress votes and invokes acts terrorist.

“This morning, several churches were set on fire in Jackson, Mississippi for the election day. Young stated that these cowardly acts invoke historic acts of terrorism as people fight for their right to vote, and live peacefully in America and Mississippians. Young stated, “We won’t be deterred or intimidated.” We won’t allow domestic terrorists suppress our right of vote. All Mississippians, regardless of the decades-old intimidation tactics used to suppress their votes, are asked to VOTE. Simply go vote.

Officials received six calls about fires in the city starting Tuesday at 2:45 a.m. Six of the seven fires had been extinguished by firefighters as of 6 a.m.


According to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Delvin McLaurin was taken into custody Tuesday in Terry (Mississippi) after a tip from a member of the public. (Hinds County Sheriff’s Office

The Epiphany Lutheran church, which is a predominantly Black congregation in Jackson, was one of the churches that was set on fire and remained there for more than four hours.

Jackson State University, an historically Black institution, was the scene of a fire that started in the vicinity of the baseball practice field.

According to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Devin McLaurin was taken into custody in connection with arson incidents. However, they didn’t say what his motivation was.

On Nov. 8, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Mississippi, was left with only melted siding, burned insulation and charred wood beams. Also, the ashes of old bulletins and hymnals are gone. (AP/Rogelio V. Solis)

McLaurin has been charged with felonious mischief and is also being interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Patrick Armon, the Jackson Fire Department’s assistant fire chief, said that this was unusual for the region.


“I’ve been here 30 years. Armon stated that this is a significant occurrence. This is not something that we usually do. About a third of our department is located on site.”

Lloyd Caston, aged 73, is an elder at Epiphany Christian Church. She said she woke up to receive a call around 4 AM stating that the church was on the verge of burning.

On Nov. 8, the Epiphany Lutheran Church, near Jackson, Mississippi, has the remains of an old hymnal and missal. (AP/Rogelio V. Solis)

Caston saw the church “fully inflamed” when he arrived at it. Caston stated that he was “hurt” when he saw the fire in the church.

Caston stated, “It destroyed all the churches and everything within them.”

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Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Jackson Mayor, stated that the fires did not affect polling places.

Lumumba stated that although we don’t know the identity of the person or the reason, he wanted to thank firefighters for being able to respond and get back to their stations so that people could vote precincts.

Fox News reached out to Young.

This report was contributed by the Associated Press.

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