Montana Supreme Court rejects law that would have prohibited vaccine mandates at most workplaces

The Montana Supreme Court decided to not block a state law banning vaccine mandates in most workplaces.

On Wednesday, the Montana Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision to not block a state law that prohibits vaccine mandates in most workplaces.

The state’s highest court sided in favor of a lower court that had earlier ruled in favor the law which prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status.


On Wednesday, the Montana Supreme Court sided with a district that decided to not block a state law banning vaccine mandates in work places. (iStock)

This legislation is applicable to all businesses, government agencies, and other workplaces. This does not apply to schools or long-term care facilities.

“We conclude that the court’s reasoning was not unreasonable, arbitrari or that it resulted a substantial injustice,” Chief justice Mike McGrath wrote in his majority opinion. The Helena Independent Record reported that “the court did not manifestly abuse their discretion in denial of injunctive relief before resolution of the final merits.”

The Montana Republican-dominated legislature passed last year a law that makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person’s vaccination status when providing services, accessing public accommodations or employment. This law applies to all vaccines.

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Vaccine requirements were a source of contention for both private and public employers. Some employees resisted and even sued to protest what they considered excessive.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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