Mother says that Washington’s gender policy for schools is a slap in the face to parents.

Some parents in Washington state are incensed by a school district policy that permits teachers to withhold a student's preferred pronouns and gender identity from family.

Parents were furious when a school district in Washington State refused to reveal a student’s preferred pronouns to their family members if they requested privacy.

According to local outlet CITC, the Central Valley School District (CVSD), Liberty Lake, Washington, presented its gender inclusion policy Monday. Parents were not allowed to ask questions during this presentation.

Although the policy has been in place since August 2020, some parents have raised concerns about whether it could undermine parental authority. This has led to proposals for changes.


A protester holds the transflag during a demonstration at Columbus’ Ohio Statehouse on June 25, 2021. (Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket through Getty Images)

“A student might ask us, “Hey, I’m sorry for that. Tell the parent.” “We can honor that,” stated Tim Nootenboom (associate superintendent of learning and teacher).

Nootenboom said that it was also a “misconception”, that teachers were not explicitly instructed to reveal a student’s gender identity to them, but that a lack of explicit instructions gives teachers leeway to do what feels best to them.

According to the outlet, mother Bo Begalman said that “this policy spits in front of parents.” According to the outlet, “Parents must be primary stakeholder for the children, not the school nor the government.”


Spokane is located just outside the Central Valley School District, Liberty Lake, Washington. (Solidago via Getty Images

Begalman stated that the school board directors believe that they are able to make life-changing decisions for our children without our knowledge. “The goal is to destroy the trust between parents and children, as well as our outstanding teachers.

Stacy Taninchev, Parent, disagreed and stated that “It’s our responsibility to ensure our students feel safe and empowered” since the children decide their gender identity.

Mother Bo Begalman said to CVSD school board members, “This policy spits on the face of parents,” before presenting their gender inclusion policy. (Fox News)

Others spoke out about the rates of depression and suicide in children with gender Dysphoria. One mother claimed her child killed herself after she failed to get affirmation from school that she was non-binary.

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Fox News Digital reached out to CVSD for comment but they did not respond immediately.

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