Muslim Parents Lead the Way

Dearborn, Michigan is not the only place where there are problems. Muslim parents are sick and tired of their children being propagandized and manipulated by LGBT activists and their teachers. Watch the entire talk of this man. He emphasizes that they don’t want their talk to be seen as anti-gay but that gay adults also understand that this material is harmful for children.


What material? This filth:

The same book. Sorry for making you read this. There are many, many people who don’t know what we are talking about and instead buy propaganda from school districts. These protesters are right-wing nuts who oppose “inclusion”. Remember that this is from the book This Book is Gay and was approved by the local school district for students. :

What is This Book Is gay at your child’s school? How can you find out? You had better investigate. You should investigate.

Why is it that Muslim parents lead the way? The same reason why Muslim parents led the fight against similar issues in schools in the UK last school year. This is what happens when your children matter more than middle-class respectability.

They are doing it, but you, Christian and Jew, and the secular person who can tell right from wrong, aren’t. What is wrong with us? Where is our courage?! Where is our courage? Are we caring for our children?

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