NANCY’S END? On Thursday, the Speaker will address future political plans

Will she decide to stay or go?

According to The New York Post, Nancy Pelosi (D.CA), will be discussing her future political plans Thursday. Rumours have it that the 82-year old congresswoman is considering retiring, but President Biden has asked Pelosi not to give up until the end.

From The New York Post

This announcement was made hours after Republicans regained control over the House following incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Garcia’s win over Democrat Christy Smith, California’s 27 Congressional District.

Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief-of-staff, tweeted Wednesday night that Speaker Pelosi was overwhelmed by the calls from his colleagues, friends, and supporters.

“This evening, Speaker monitored the returns in the remaining three critical states. Tomorrow, the Speaker will address her future plans to her colleagues. Keep watching.”

Pelosi stated that she would not entertain questions about the future until all races are called. There are many races still up for discussion, but Republicans have crossed the 218-seat threshold to become the House majority thanks to Garcia’s victory.

Biden called Pelosi last Wednesday after the election results began to come in. “I hope that you stick,” Biden said in a telephone call. “It’s family first, I hope you stay.” Although Democrats did better than expected in midterm elections, Republicans retained control of the House.

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