NANCY’S INFLATION SOLUTION – ‘Change the topic ‘

Over the weekend, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, stopped by CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss, among others, how Democrats should reshape the narrative about inflation. Pelosi said “change the subject.”

“When I hear people talking about inflation… we need to change that subject.” Margaret Brennan, Pelosi’s host, says that inflation is a global phenomenon. “The EU, The European Union, and the UK have a higher inflation rate than us here… It’s not about inflation. It’s all about the cost to live.

Pelosi said, “If you look at the things we [Democrats] did to lower the cost prescription drugs and to lower the cost-of-energy, you’ll see that the Republicans have opposed that every step of that process, and they don’t have a plan to lower the cost to live or help with inflation.”

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader (Republican-California), said Sunday that Pelosi “wants change the subject away form inflation”. He added, “The American people merit a change away form Democrats’ one-party rule.”

See the video above.

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