New Mexico woman killed by teenager after confronting thieves that stole her car

Sydney Wilson, 23, was allegedly shot dead by a 13-year-old in Albuquerque, New Mexico after she tracked her stolen car to a gas station.

The family of the 23-year old Albuquerque woman who was shot by a 13 year-old on Monday when she confronted thieves who had stolen her car is demanding the “maximum punishment” for the teenager.

Sydney Wilson and a 13 year old suspect fought after Sydney Wilson tracked her car stolen to a Smith’s gas station and grocery store in Southwest Albuquerque using a GPS application, according to her family.

According to Koat Action News the teen shot at her in response. Albuquerque Police pronounced her dead on the spot.

Sydney Wilson (23), was killed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by a boy aged 13 after she confronted an unruly group of people inside her car.


According to the outlet, two days after the incident, he turned himself into authorities and is currently being held in Bernalillo Juvenile Center. He was accused of murder, tampering evidence, and illegal possession of a gun.

According to a complaint filed by the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office before the fatal shooting, the teen stole alcohol from Walgreens, and he and other juveniles drove recklessly the stolen vehicle.

Wilson, according to police, exited her mother’s vehicle and went up to her white Hyundai. While trying to escape, the driver hit a black Mustang then a curb. The airbags of her Hyundai were triggered.


The car was allegedly exited by several people, including a minor suspect. The teen pulled a pistol from his waistband when Wilson approached the stolen vehicle. He then allegedly fired between two and three shots. Police said that one shot struck Wilson’s chest.

Wilson had posted on Facebook the day before:

She wrote, “My car was stolen.” “Y’all, some absolute s —.”

Crystal Miller, Sydney Miller’s older sibling, told KRQE news she arrived on the scene “about 3 minutes after they had finished trying to revive [her] sister.”

She told the outlet, “I have flashes that I still see my baby sister lying on the ground.”

Crystal told KOAT she was only seven minutes from the scene of the shooting when it happened and that just before her death, her sister called to say that she had found her car that she had stolen.

I literally said, “You know, don’t try anything.” She recalled, “I’ll be there right away.” “Right away, I’m upset at myself for not getting out sooner to stop it. If I had been there, I think it would not have happened as it did.

Crystal, who told her sister to not confront the thief told KOAT she was “strong willed” and had “babysat for so many kids, she felt she could handle these children.”

Wilson’s family wants the most severe penalties, regardless of how old her killer is.

This is the Smith’s Gas Station and Grocery where Sydney Wilson, 23, confronted a group of thieves who stole her car

“A kid so young had a weapon.” I wonder what their upbringing was. Deidra Wilson asked Sydney Wilson’s mom, “Why was a child that young in the first instance out there?” At that age, you cannot imagine anything worse than someone shooting a gun at Sydney Wilson.

Miller told KOAT she also wanted to see the parents of the teen face criminal charges.

I want him to get the maximum punishment, as well as the family. He is thirteen years old. She said, “There’s no reason why he shouldn’t have been out on the street without an adult.” There is no reason for him to have a gun. I don’t think a gun belongs in the home if these parents or teenagers can’t go through a gun safety class.

NEW MEXICO DAD and SON CHARGED AFTER a 14-year-old fatally shot a 13-year-old girl with his father’s gun: Police

Wilson reiterated this sentiment in an Interview with KRQE.

Where was the adult? Wilson replied, “I can’t imagine kids that young stealing and driving a car around. I am very angry.”

Albuquerque police chief Harold Medina stated that minors who commit crimes are a problem in the entire state of New Mexico.

“Our state must unite.” Medina said to KRQE that “we need to do everything possible to ensure our children have a healthy environment at home.”

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