NEW POLL: Americans are PISSED OFF –and That’s Terrible News For Dems’ Midterm Prospects

Midterm turnout is low when Americans are happy. When we’re mad…

Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt from Hart Research Associates, along with Republican Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, conducted a survey that found 70% of registered voters are very interested in the election. The results were either a “9” or a 10 on a 10-point scale.

“We know that many voters will cast ballots with anger in their minds. “We don’t know which side will get angrier,” Horwitt said to NBC News.

This is the highest-ever midterm election survey percentage.

From Daily Wire:

McInturff said, “It’s an eyes-popper,” and noted that it is higher than 2018 which set a record for midterm elections.

Plus, Republicans are more excited than Democrats about the midterms. 78% of Republicans are more interested than 69% of Democrats, according to a poll. This 9-point advantage for Republicans is three times the result of the September pollsters’ survey.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House (R-GA), predicts a red tide.

Gingrich stated that he expects to be plus three to seven in the Senate and plus twenty to fifty in the House. The most likely number is plus 44, according to The Epoch Time.

Gingrich stated that “almost everywhere in the country races are showing the Republicans tightening down”, noting that inflation and crime are “coming together” against Democrats.

“When you have kind of insane left-wing Democrats that believe that you don’t need prisons and that things can just be dealt with by being nice to criminals, I think the average person thinks this to be crazy,” he stated, pointing out the high crime rate and revolving door policies in New York City.

[h/t Daily Wire]

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