New York City police arrest man after finding $7M worth of fentanyl at a Bronx apartment

Authorities found $7 million worth of fentanyl inside a New York City apartment unit that was hidden inside a coffee table, prosecutors said.

After police found $7 million worth fentanyl inside an apartment in Bronx, a man from New York City was arrested.

Samuel Rojas Camacho, 59 is being charged with first- and third-degree criminal possession of controlled substances and 2nd-degree criminally using drugs paraphernalia. The city’s Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor stated in a press release. Tuesday saw him arraigned.

Frank Tarentino, DEA Special Agent In Charge, stated that the apartment contained 23 kg/50 lbs of fentanyl/heroin hidden in a secret compartment on a coffee table. “Removing this fentanyl/heroin off our streets is equivalent to saving thousands of lives.” Rojas-Camacho, one of the many drug dealers in our city, spreads poison throughout our neighborhoods.


Authorities stopped Rojas-Camacho, a passenger in a green Jaguar in Bronx on Monday at 9:15 a.m. Prosecutors said that he was seen entering and exiting an apartment building, which was believed to be a drug stash.

They said he was at least three times seen in the building.

At 10:10 a.m., authorities searched the unit and discovered “11 brick-shaped packages filled with fentanyl/heroin each, five hockey puck-shaped boxes containing fentanyl/heroin and a large plastic bag containing it.” Prosecutors said.

They were hidden in a compartment on a coffee table. A shoebox found in the bedroom contained heroin and fentanyl. Authorities said that glassine envelopes with the brand name Skull Crusher, empty glassines and plastic bags containing heroin were also found in the bedroom closet.

Authorities said that glassine envelopes with the brand name Skull Crusher and plastic bags containing heroin and fentanyl were also found in a bedroom cupboard. (Office of the Special Nacotics Prosecutor in the City of New York).

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The apartment contained equipment and paraphernalia needed to package drugs, including coffee grinders, rubber gloves and an air purifier. Also, bank receipts and Rojas-Camacho medicine bottles were recovered.

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