New York man arrested for plotting to kill cops.

A New York man threatened to attack police officers and kill a mayor during a local St. Patrick’s Day parade, authorities said.

Federal prosecutors announced Friday that a New York man was charged with plotting the murder of police officers and threats to kill the mayor of the area where the St. Patrick’s Day parade was to take place.

Ridon Kola (32), was arrested and charged for making threatening interstate communication, according to the Justice Department.


“As alleged Ridon Kola made threats via social media against law enforcement. He stated his support for ISIS as well as his intent to kill numerous officers. After being questioned by law enforcement, Kola’s behavior escalated and he continued to promise police that his threats would be fulfilled,” U.S. attorney Damian Williams stated in a statement.

Ridon Kola (32), is accused of plotting to murder Yonkers, New York officers, and threatening to attack a mayor in the area where the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade is scheduled to take place this weekend. (Justice Department)

Kola was a supporter of the terror group for several months and made threats against the Yonkers Police Department regarding the city’s parade which will take place Saturday.

Kola sent a direct message to the police department on March 9th, saying that Vallahi, Yonkers rats, would be the first to be executed. Allahu Ekberr; and “I’ll crucify Yonkers cops, and their bosses along McLean avenue. It will be a horrifying scene. . . Allahu Ekberr.”

McLean Avenue forms part of the Yonkers St. Patrick’s Day Parade route where officers will remain posted.

Authorities said that he also posted a photo of him with an axe days later.

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The caption was in Albanian and read: “Come on Judas. I’m waiting to you.”

Kola was due to appear before a federal court on Friday.

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