New York man pleads guilt to raping his daughter, 21 years old

A South Huntington, New York, man pleaded guilty in Suffolk County Court on Wednesday to first-degree forcible rape of his 21-year-old daughter in 2022.

A South Huntington man admitted Wednesday that he raped his daughter, 21, after she was encouraged to stay the night in his home.

The Suffolk County District attorney Raymond A. Tierney has announced that the 45-year old man has pleaded guilty for rape in the first degree.

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According to court documentation as well as the defendant’s statement, the incident occurred in February 2022 when the victim, a 21-year old woman, spent time with her father.


After agreeing to have his daughter stay at his home, the father gave her Advil PM in order to help her get some sleep.

The DA stated that the victim was woken later in the night when her father rubbed her buttocks and back.

View of a Suffolk County Police vehicle. (Suffolk County Police Department).

The DA stated that once the daughter realized what was going on, the defendant pinned his arms down and raped the girl.


The victim, as soon as she escaped from the house, ran to another family member for help.

The victim told police that her father had abused her sexually as a child when they responded.

The defendant appeared before Suffolk County Judge Karen M. Wilutis on Wednesday and pleaded guilty of first-degree sexual assault.

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On July 19, he will be back in court to receive his sentence.

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