NH AG: Shooting of armed man with long rap sheet by officers was justified

The six New Hampshire police officers who shot at and killed Adnan Husejnovic were justified in doing so and will not face charges, state Attorney General John Formella said Friday.

The state attorney general announced Friday that six New Hampshire officers who fatally shot a man were justified by their use of deadly violence and would not be charged criminally. The man was hit at least 11 different times.

According to the investigation by Attorney General John M. Formella, “the police officers’ consistent accounts of the events, as well as the digital evidence available, establish the initial threat of imminent use of deadly violence against the police and their subsequent response deadly force.”

According to the report, the officers responded to a 911 call for domestic violence in Manchester early in the morning of June 19 by going to the parking area of a local pharmacy.

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They found Adnan Husejnovic (33), of Manchester, in a vehicle with his wife, and they escorted them out. She said that he assaulted her in the vehicle.

Husejnovic did not comply with police orders and a standoff lasted 90 minutes, according to the report.

State officials have decided that the six officers who killed an armed man in Manchester, New Hampshire, will not be charged. Their actions were deemed justified by state officials.

He opened the door of his vehicle just after 2 am. One of the officers who responded identified himself as Manchester Police Sergeant. Eric Joyal noticed that Husejnovic had his index finger on the trigger. He ignored the orders of another officer to drop his weapon.

The report stated that “Mr. Husejnovic raised the gun in his left-hand, pointing it towards the officers through the window of the door,”


Joyal then fired between five and six rounds, which were immediately followed by the gunfire of three other Manchester Police officers and two New Hampshire State Police Troopers. In the report, they were identified as Manchester Police officers Eric Cooper and Brendon Megan and New Hampshire State Police troopers Brandon Tallon, Tyler Duhamel.

No other person was injured.

The report stated that the investigation revealed that Husejnovic, his wife and their children were living in a vehicle. Toxicology tests showed that Husejnovic had several drugs that could “result acute intoxication” in his system.


Report: The investigation revealed that Husejnovic was involved in at least 34 documented police contacts with Manchester and had a criminal history that contained convictions of domestic simple assault.

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