‘No Catholicism, Please, We’re Irish’

How is it with the Catholic Church of Ireland? An item is sent in by a Catholic reader to Radio Kerry.

The Catholic Bishop of Kerry has apologized for remarks made by a priest regarding same sex relationships and contraception.

Following Fr Sean Sheehy’s comments at Mass in Listowel this weekend, Bishop Ray Browne offered an apology.


Bishop Browne is the one pictured above. Seems like a nice fellow. What did Father Sheehy really say to this monstrous creature? More:

Fr Sean Sheehy spoke to Listowel’s congregation and referred to what he called the lunacy transgenderism. This refers to the sinfulness of sex between two people or two people. He also referred to what he called the lunacy in transgenderism.

Mass-goers were told by Fr Sheehy that sin is still a big topic of conversation, but that it is rampant.

Bishop Ray Browne said that he is aware of the hurt and deep sadness caused by the weekend’s homilies.

The Bishop of Kerry apologized to everyone who was offended and stated that the views expressed did not represent the Christian position.

They don’t. Then, things must have changed. Here’s a link to Father Sheehy uttering those terrible, turrible words. This is bog-standard Christianity. The Bishop of Kerry is embarrassed by it.

I suspect Father Sheehy may not be the best expression of the synodality grape. God bless him.

That was sent to me by a reader.

“Why does Father not talk about sin in his homilies?”

“Because the bishop is about to throw him under the bus.”

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