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Former Vice President and rumored 2024 GOP presidential candidate Mike Pence has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the DOJ and the FBI for having classified documents in his home.

The FBI and DOJ have cleared former Vice President Mike Pence, rumored GOP presidential candidate in 2024, of any wrongdoing for having classified papers at his home.

In January, the former Veep informed the National Archives that he kept classified documents in his Indiana house after former President Donald Trump dealt with his own classified document drama.

From Fox News

Fox News reported that multiple sources confirmed the Justice Department’s conclusion in the case of Pence’s possession classified documents at his Indiana residence.

The Justice Department wrote to Pence’s attorneys this week and said that after the FBI and DOJ had completed their investigation, no criminal charges would be filed against the former Vice President.

Pence notified Congress and the National Archives of his discovery in his Carmel home, Indiana, on Jan. 16, that documents from his tenure as vice president had been marked with a classified classification.

Pence informed the National Archives of two boxes containing a few potentially classified documents on Jan. 18. Two more boxes contained vice presidential papers. According to Pence’s team, all copies were put in a safe.

Pence will make his White House bid official at an Iowa event next Thursday.

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