NO MORE NANCY: Pelosi Will Not Seek Leadership Position After Democrats Lose House

Nancy Pelosi won’t seek a position in the Democratic leadership –she has.

On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a speech to the House floor and stated that she will not seek re-election in her role as Democratic leader of the caucus in Congress. She will still represent San Francisco.

From Fox News

After nearly 20 years as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared that she will not run for re-election in her role as leader, the House Democratic Conference. This comes after her party narrowly lost its majority in the midterm elections.

The announcement was made by the 82 year-old Californian on Thursday at the House floor. After Paul, her husband, was brutally attacked at their San Francisco house, speculation has grown about Pelosi’s future. Also, Democrats lost control of Congress in the midterm elections.

Since 2003, Pelosi has been leading House Democrats, including two four-year stints in the role of speaker.

After the election results began to come in, President Biden called Pelosi last Wednesday. He said that he wanted her to stay. “I know it is family first, but you should stick to your guns.” Despite Democrats’ impressive performance in the midterm elections the Republicans retained control of the House.

This story is still developing. Fox News has more:

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