No structural failure evidence in plane crash in northern Mississippi

There is no evidence of structural failure in a plane crash in north Mississippi that killed a man. The small private plane did not return to the airport after taking off.

According to a National Transportation Safety Board report released on Wednesday, there is no evidence structural failures were responsible for a airplane crash that occurred in March in north Mississippi and left a man dead. His son was also injured.

The authorities were alerted by a small plane that had not returned from the airport where it had taken off. One of the plane’s passengers was heard pinging his cellphone off a rural route near Oxford.

Local authorities were informed after the pilot failed to respond to texts and calls the following day. Deputies found the wreckage of the plane and the dead pilot when they arrived in the area. The son of the man who was initially reported missing was found at midnight with minor injuries and taken to a local hospital.

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There is no evidence to suggest that structural failures were responsible for an airplane crash in March, north Mississippi.


A friend noted it was rare for a pilot to fly at night.

The plane’s left wing and gear were suspended from a tree 15 feet away from the main wreckage. The trees near the accident scene were estimated to be 75 feet high.

The agency findings are preliminary, and they could change in future.

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