North Carolina tourist town is on edge after a man was slashed to the neck by a cigarette.

Police in Asheville, North Carolina, are searching for a suspect who allegedly slashed another man's throat at a bus stop after the victim asked the suspect for a cigarette.

A man was allegedly stabbed in the throat by a stranger at a North Carolina bus stop after he asked for a cigarette from a stranger.

According to local ABC affiliate, WLOS, the Asheville Police Department said that the suspect is still at large.

Around 5:30 am on Tuesday, police responded to a call about a fight between men near a downtown bus stop. They found a laceration in the neck of the victim, but he refused medical treatment as his injuries weren’t life-threatening.

The victim reported to police that they got into a fight after the suspect asked him for a cigarette.


A sunrise view of Asheville’s skyline. (Walter Biibikow via Getty Images).

The APD reported that “the suspect pulled out a blade, began swinging it, slashed his victim in the throat and then fled the scene before the arrival of the officers.” Fox News Digital asked the police department to comment on whether they knew more about this suspect. The department did not respond immediately.

The alleged throat slashing occurred a week after an armed man , who was threatening to shoot at a couple leaving Mellow Mushroom downtown, a popular pizzeria. According to police, the suspect pushed the woman down and stole their wallet and purse.

Buncombe Courthouse (left) and Asheville City Hall (right) are listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Joni Blackman told a local newspaper that the Mellow Mushroom mugging was terrifying. She is a Chicago tourist who visited Asheville. “I’d say I would be surprised that a place of this size and a tourist destination would experience something like this.”


Blackman stated, “It is not something I have ever heard about Asheville.” You hear about the Biltmore and artists, but not crime. She compared the crime rate in the historic mountain town to what she would find in Chicago.

Four men stole a car key at gunpoint in downtown Los Angeles last Saturday at 2:22 am. Police have not released a description of suspects. WLOS reported.

(George Rose via Getty Images).

In Asheville with a population of 90,000, violent crime has increased in the last few years. APD statistics show that between 2021 and 2022, the number of violent crimes increased by 21.8%.

APD Chief David Zack said to Fox News Digital in the fall of last year that his department has lost over 100 sworn police officers since May 2020, following tense demonstrations in the city after George Floyd’s passing. He stated that the police force struggles to maintain visibility, while “operating with almost 42% less every single day.”

According to WLOS, the Buncombe Sheriff’s office has started assisting Asheville city officers in enhancing safety downtown.

You hear a lot about the Biltmore and artists, but you don’t hear much about crime.

In February, an investigation by Asheville Watchdog revealed that there were only two APD police officers patrolling the downtown area despite the escalating violent crime.

Workers in a North Carolina tourist city run by democrats bemoan the decline of downtown: “Really disturbing”

Former Democratic congressional candidate Moe Davis posted on Twitter Wednesday: “[Two] violent robberies in downtown Asheville and a slashing within a week, while [APD] has 60% of its officers staffed with starting salaries that are comparable to those at a drive-thru fast food restaurant.” “Thank God Asheville leaders voted to invest $20M in ballpark upgrades for Mike DeWine’s baseball team!”

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reports WLOS that the Asheville City Council is made up of all Democrats and unanimously approved an upgrade worth $37.5 million to the minor league baseball fields in the city.

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