NOT IN THE LONE STONE! Texas AG calls for prosecution over sexually explicit drag show in front of kid

Texas AG Ken Paxton has called for prosecution for a drag show for all ages that featured sexually explicit material. It was completely inappropriate for young children. reported the story earlier this week:

Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales shared shocking footage of an all-ages drag performance in Plano, Texas. In the clip, one drag queen dances and sings the song Pu**y to an artist named “Lady”. Many parents aren’t too impressed with the performance.

“This is disturbing and grotesque behavior. “This is grotesque, disturbing behavior.

He said, “Also, in 2023 the Texas Legislature should amend Texas Penal Code to expressly ban this type of grossly sexual conduct, and empower my Office when district or county attorneys refuse to do so.”

Below is the original clip. GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WARNING

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