NOT-SO-GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Fetterman Camp sends email prior to Oz Debate, “This isn’t John” Format

According to The Daily Wire’s report, John Fetterman’s campaign team sent an email to members the press setting expectations for his Tuesday evening debate with GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet O.

Team Fetterman stated that the Senatorial Candidates will be battling it out in what is likely to be their last debate before voters head to the polls. “He’ll be sharing his real ideas to help actual people.”

They also warned John that he may not be able to communicate due to his recent stroke. Oz’s friends could circulate viral Fetterman flub videos.

The email stated that Oz’s right-wing media allies are ready to circulate malicious viral video after the debate. These videos attempt to portray John in a negative light due to awkward pauses and missing words. “John has made a remarkable recovery but there are still auditory processing difficulties.” Closed captioning technology was required by the campaign.

The email stated that John is an exceptional candidate who has a strong personal brand and transcends political partisanship. “That’s what voters will see on the debate stage and it’s why John will win this race, even if he loses the debate.”

A poll by Emerson College and The Hill found that 34% of Pennsylvania voters are “extremely, or very concerned” about the nominee’s ability to fulfill his duties in Senate. This is an 11-point increase over three months ago The Daily Wirereports.

The health of Fetterman has become an increasingly important topic in the media. Fetterman’s health was brought up in a recent interview by Dasha Burns, NBC News reporter. She mentioned Fetterman’s difficulties with small talk. Fetterman’s wife demanded an apology.

“If this had happened in school, if the child was ableist toward another child or teacher, there would have been issues. She claimed that there would have been training. What is the current state of media after a reporter was so openly ableist toward a person?” Although I was shocked and appalled, it is not surprising. It’s clear that there is much more to be done, but I would love to see accountability to make real changes.

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