November 1, 2022

This election will be discussed on Tuesday’s Mark Levin show. It is all about culture, country and the future. The Democrats are responsible for encouraging illegal immigration and crime. They blame you for the lawlessness and anarchy they encourage and allow. Is it really a good idea for energy production to be shut down and inflation and government spending to increase? Why isn’t Governor Chris Christie and former Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan speaking out in support of Republican candidates during this final week before the midterm election? Kelly Tshibaka (the US Senate candidate from Alaska) calls later with an update about her final push against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Tshibaka states that she needs your support to win in Alaska. JD Vance, the US Senate Candidat for Ohio, joins the show to give an update on the final week of campaigning prior to Election Day. Vance claims that the U.S has only 1000 billionaires and we don’t need to have 87,000 more IRS agents. Vance rebuked the hormone experimentation on our children that is being done in the name gender equality. Leora Levy, the US Senate Candidat for Connecticut, calls to discuss the close race between her and Senator Blumenthal, and the failure of his record. Levy also stated that Connecticut spends more on energy than most other states.

PJ Media

Biden’s Diesel Fuel Problem Worsens: Major Fuel Company Issues a New Warning

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Op Ed: The End Of Democracy

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“Protect pregnant women from climate discrimination”: A Conservative group has run ads featuring absurd messages that highlight the absurdity left-wing ideology

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Democrats are leading in early and postal voting with more than 22,000,000 ballots cast

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US is on high alert following warnings from Saudi officials about an imminent Iran attack

Post Millennial

America’s largest teacher union donated $1million to reelect Gretchen Whitmer


‘Massive Win’: The PA Supreme Court Rules that Undated Mail Ballots can’t be Counted

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