November 10, 2022

The Republican establishment and their media proxies

The Republican establishment and their media proxies are on full propaganda mode Thursday’s Mark Levin Show. Mitch McConnell did not promote any Republican agenda for this election cycle. McConnell did not coordinate his messaging. He spent millions demonizing the conservative Republican from Alaska, who was endorsed in the state GOP. He denied funding to Republican candidates for Arizona and New Hampshire and his candidate in Colorado was defeated. How would the Republican party under Chris Christie look? They would control the Democrats’ deterioration. The media and Democrats want to see a fight between Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump. Trump should not take the bait. Trump should take DeSantis under the wing of his party. Why then does the media not jump up when the Biden administration targets political opponents? Biden gave the go ahead to the federal investigation unit to pursue Elon Musk. In breaking news, a judge ruled that President Biden’s trillion-dollar student loan relief was illegal and unconstitutional. Senator Ron Johnson finally calls to thank Levin for supporting his Senate campaign. He also discusses the Senate Republicans’ governing agenda.


GOP Wins Bigger Share of Latino and Black Voters


Poll: The Highest Rate of Jewish American Voting for Republicans in Decades


Republicans have won 6 million more votes than Democrats in House Races but gained relatively few seats

Wall St Journal

A Governing Agenda for Senate Republicans


Biden states that Musk’s foreign Twitter investors are “worthy” of being reviewed.

Based Politics

Alcohol, drugs, and travel: Survey shows that recipients of the Biden student loan bailout will spend more


U.S. judge declares Biden’s student debt relief plan unlawful

Hot Air

Xi Jinping – Yes, China is preparing to war

Photo by Anna Moneymaker

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